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Todd County volleyball is off to a 1-0 start heading into a MONSTER Thursday matchup at Pine Ridge

LADY FALCONS headed to THORPE country - Coach Hand talks about the win over Marty
Sep 7, 2017

By Rich Winter
After a nice, 3-set road-win over Marty, Samantha Hand's Lady Falcons jump back on the bus today for their second match of the year, against the alway TUFF, Nellie Long coached Lady Thorpes of Pine Ridge. 
Now, the Thorpes are 2-1 on the season with a 3-set loss to Lead-Deadwood and wins over Hill City and St. Francis last week. 
Couple weeks ago in talking to Hand about the upcoming season, one of the teams she mentioned looking forward to playing was the Lady Thorpes of Pine Ridge. 
Always TUFF, always come to play...BUT, this is a new group of Lady Falcons that are primarily upper-classmen who have suffered through some growing pains over the past few seasons. Guess I'm trying to say, strap it on, it is going to be a fun night over in Pine Ridge. 
After the Mary win, Hand checked in with the Panic Button to talk about how her team fared the first time out this season. 

"After Marty, I see we understand our rotations pretty well," Hand said. "Now, we just need to work on serve receive, setting up our defense quickly, and getting more aggressive on offense. During our game, we had some hard serves. Now, we need to work on staying aggressive while being more consistent at the serving line."
Some stats from that first Marty game.

Varsity Stats

Serving: 81 percent

Aces: Kylie Randall 9, Rebecca White 8, Raven Cournoyer 6, Teciah Spotted Tail 4, Shayla Bordeaux 1


Hitting: Team percentage (.152)

Kills: Shayla Bordeuax 8, Raven Cournoyer 4, Kylie Randall 1, Haylee Quick Bear 1, Lace Halligan 1, Dennisa Valandra 1, LaToya Boyd 1


Blocks: (2) Gabby Iron Heart and Shayla Bordeaux

Assists: (9) Kylie Randall 6, Tecia Spotted Tail 3

Digs: (8) Kylie Randall 3, Raven Cournoyer 3, Rebecca White 2


Hand said she was pleased with the overall team play against Marty. 

"All of the girls played well. Really, there wasn't one girl who stood out above the rest. They were all leaders in different ways, and we hope they can keep taking on their roles, being leaders, and coming together as a team," Hand said. 
Of course, the month of September is where some of the real WORK to get better needs to be put in and Hand, along with assistant coaches Brushbreaker and Herman continue to mold the Program. 
"Going into September, we are going to work on improving our serve receive, quickly setting up defense, and being aggressive on offense," Hand said. 
In the Marty game, Kylie Randall and Teciah Spotted Tail both contributed to running the offense for the Lady Falcons
"We ran a 6-2 with both Kylie Randall and Teciah Spotted Tail setting. Kylie Randall is definitely a vocal leader on the court," Hand said. 
The Junior varsity also picked up a win in Marty!!!
 The Lady Falcon junior varsity also swept Marty in two games and for a first-time out, JV coach Rosebud Brushbreaker said she was impressed. 

“We have some girls coming up from playing C team and some older girls that are playing more aggressively,” Brushbreaker said. “We need to work on our rotations and just playing smarter all around.”


Serving percentage 77.6 percent

Aces (21): LaToya Boyd 6, Ireah Crow Eagle 5, Katlyn Whirlwind Soldier 4, Angel Bordeaux 3, Haesel Brill 1, Neena Colombe 2, Brooke Espinoza 1


Hitting: Team percentage (.500)

Kills: (8) Lace Halligan 4, Ireah Crow Eagle 1, Gloria Sitting Bear 1, Katlyn Whirlwind Soldier 1, Daisy Villanueava 1, Lainie Plank (2)


Assists: (6) Katlyn Whirlwind Soldier (5)


 Both squads are in action at Pine Ridge on Saturday, Sep. 7 with the first home action of the week going down on Saturday, Sep. 9 vs. Red Cloud.


Couple notes for Falcon fans during the midst of their big Homecoming Week celebration.

1. The Homecoming gave vs. CEB will be webcast at http://tcfalcons.live with Chad Whirlwind Soldier and Jody Brozik on the mic.

2. Saturday's volleyball game will also be webcast, same site: http://tcfalcons.live

And finally, all panicbutton.live blogs (Rich Winter) that pertain exclusively to Todd County can now be found at https://www.facebook.com/TCFalconsLive/

Lady Lady Falcons...U KNOW!! 

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