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Colman-Egan quarterback Bodee Groos had a monstrous effort in helping his Hawks win the 2016 Class 9A football title.

Is Coleman-Egan the new Sheriff in 9B football
Aug 22, 2017

By Rich Winter

Boy, sure seems like a lot of movement up and down some of the high-school classes this off-season. Of note to the rest of the Class 9B field, the defending 9A state champs are now in 9B. 


Can't say I know a whole lot about Colman-Egan, but looked through the box-score of that epic 32-28 win over Warner in the 9A state championship, and now senior, Bodee Groos had his finger-prints all over that game. 


Groos had a TD pass early to Cole Kriech but then had three rushing TD's, to lead his team to that 9A title. 

Good start for the Hawks this season as they traveled to Elkton-Lake 

Benton and won, 34-6. 


Nice start for coach Chad Williamson and the Hawks who have a bye-week before taking on Dell Rapids St. Mary's.


No surprise the Hawks are on top of this week's South Dakota Media polls released today. Colome looked awesome in their week 1 win and keep an eye with some tough kids in Sully Buttes who might make a push this season. 


Class 9B polls: 

Class 9B

1. Colman-Egan (28)     1-0  163     1

2. Colome (6)                1-0  135     2

3. Sully Buttes               1-0    87     4

4. Castlewood               1-0    45     5

5. Harding County        1-0    37    RV

Receiving votes: Faulkton Area 18, Wall 6, Langford Area 4, Gayville-Volin 3.


Bodee Groos Passes to Cole Kriech COMPLETE TOUCHDOWN, clock 07:04 59 yds
Micah HOELLEIN Carries(QB Keeper) TOUCHDOWN, clock 10:37 1 yds
Bodee Groos Carries(QB Keeper) TOUCHDOWN, clock 05:53 26 yds
Bodee Groos Carries(QB Keeper) TOUCHDOWN, clock 00:47 62 yds
Tyler ROZELL Passes to Micah HOELLEIN COMPLETE TOUCHDOWN, clock 00:34 51 yds
Walker Olivier Carries(Option) TOUCHDOWN, clock 05:09 11 yds
Daylin SIMON Carries(Hand Off) TOUCHDOWN, clock 03:06 20 yds
Bodee Groos Carries(QB Keeper) TOUCHDOWN, clock 03:39 2 yds

CE 3 05:09

CE 4 03:39

2 10:37

2 00:34

3 03:06


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