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Northwestern has yet to lose a match and are No. 1 ranked in Class B

Is CLASS B volleyball TUFFER than Class A
Sep 14, 2017

By Rich Winter

I'm about to dive off the deep end on football because we have some MASSIVE gridiron contests coming up tomorrow, but, before I do, I wanted to give some love out to what I'm seeing as some terrific volleyball going on around the state.


The Big Dakota Conference volleyball tournament goes down this weekend in Ft. Pierre. Those matches and that tournament will be webcast in its entirity at gobufflive.com.


Another gigantic tournament going on this weekend is the Bon Homme tournament over in Tyndall. 


Am excited on both accounts to keep an eye on these tournaments and see who rises and who steps up in tournament action.


Ok, so to be honest the idea for suggesting that Class B volleyball might be TUFFER than Class A actually comes from looking at the box-score of the Miller @ Northwestern contest played on Tuesday. 

Northwestern is the No. 1 team in Class B and they took care of the No. 4 team in Class A pretty good....(17-25) (18-25) (17-25)


I admire the scheduling of Linda DeBoer up in Miller. Couple of weeks ago, Miller hosted the No. 2 team in Class B, Warner...Just about the same result: 15-25) (23-25) (14-25)


Kinda excited to see Class B go to the re-seeding after teams get down to the Sweet-16....Wouldn't ya know that No. 1 and No. 2 in Class B are both from Region 1

Region 1Seed PointsW-L
Northwestern 47.90 10-0
Warner 46.21 13-1


There are some ridiculously good volleyball teams in Class B this season. Here is the latest polls.


1. Northwestern (18)     9-0       90     1

2. Warner                      12-1     66     2

3. Chester Area             6-0       60     3

4. Hanson                     7-0       34     4

5. Ethan                        8-2       10     RV

Receiving votes: Philip 8-0, Sully Buttes 6-3.


Check out Region 4 in the latest poll....

Region 4Seed PointsW-L
Chester Area 47.00 7-0
Hanson 46.38 8-0
Ethan 45.40 8-2

Chester Area, undefeated....Hanson undefeated...Ethan playing some serious volleyball these days. 


Philip starting to get some votes after improving to 8-0.

Sully Buttes,  6-3 got some votes and they are only third in thier region.

Region 2Seed PointsW-L
Herreid/Selby Area 44.13 7-1
Faulkton Area 43.67 8-1
Sully Buttes 43.60 7-3


I always like to compare different classes and see how they stack up. Northwestern and Warner are legit programs...would love to see them play each other sometime.


Big B vs. A matchup tonight as Faulkton Area takes on Miller. That game will be webcast at http://millerrustlers.live/index.php?page=volleyball-game&id=324

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