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Ipswich VAULTER is one TUFF customer
May 25, 2017

By Rich Winter

Got a note from one of my east-river track informants this morning regarding the health of Ipswich pole-vaulter, Taylor Maurer 

Just saw some news about an Ipswich pole vaulter, I believe Taylor Maurer, had a fall in practice Tuesday. Taken to Sioux Falls for surgery for bleeding on or in brain. A recent update says "she is trying to crack a few jokes and wants to compete."
Let our prayers be said for this young lady. May she recover and heal.

How about that, the top-ranked Class B pole-vaulter hurt in a vaulting accident on Tuesday, taken to Sioux Falls for bleeding on the brain.


Still wants to compete....WOW!


At any rate, wish this young lady and the rest of the Ipswich crew good luck at the upcoming state track meet.

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