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Winner got out-physicaled in a 24-6 loss to SFC

I wonder what Dan Aaker told the Winner kids today
Aug 19, 2017

By Rich Winter

Man, woke up this morning to a lot of 'Winner sucks, We suck and the Dynasty is over' type commentary regarding last night's 24-6 thumping dished out by Sioux Falls Christian to the two-time defending Class 11B champs. 


I suppose some of that is warranted based on how fans around the state view Winner and the immense success they have on the football field. Guess I was surprised that some of the nay-saying was coming from the inner-circle. 


Frankly, between me and everyone else, I'm sort of glad that Winner lost last night. Talk of 3-peats and a winning streak of 24 ish games is a lot to take for high school kids, especially a bunch of kids that are following a '100-year team' as Harvey Naasz referenced to me during last year's state track meet. 


On so many levels, a good butt-whipping was exactly what the Winner kids needed, and I'm guessing coach Dan Aaker had everyone's attention if they met today, and I'm also guessing Aaker is going to have a solid and physical week of practice for the Warriors. 


Here are a couple of thoughts from Aaker offered last night to the Mitchell Daily Republic.

"I don't think we were ready for game speed," said Winner coach Dan Aaker. "That was part of it. But we have to tackle too. It's a simple game. You have to block and tackle and I don't think we tackled very well."


I think its interesting how everyone jumped off the band-wagon right away with the comments like the 'dynasty is dead'. What did everyone expect? 


The offensive line last year was filled with beef, and I mean beef. Guys that are now off at SDSU, playing at Presentation, and wrestling at Nebraska-Kearney and such. You just don't replace that right away, it takes a minute. 


Some of those guys were three-year starters.


Yes, the home-run threats have graduated in Cameron Kuil (SDSU) and Kayleb Brozik (SDSU). The ends are gone, Chase Kingsbury (SDSU) and Isaac Naasz (USD - better school).


And so, I hope everyone takes a chill pill for a minute and just realizes that these things are part of the process. I think about the 'experts' saying that football teams improve the most between weeks 1 and 2, and you can bet with a young roster of guys with a bunch of them starting for the first time, that Aaker will have their full attention this week 


"I'm not a big moral victory guy but I think there are some positives that we can take from that second half," Aaker said. "We made some nice stops and held them to the 24 points that they had at halftime."


Take away the turnover and the scores from turnovers and that's a 8-6 ball game. 


It takes a minute for new players to step into starting roles. It's a big deal to have your name called as a Winner WARRIOR starter and as Aaker intimated, it did not look like the guys were ready to go at the start of the game. 


While I'm a warm and fuzzy guy most of the time in these regards the one thing I will say from watching the tape and hearing from my eyes and ears is that Winner got out-physicaled last night.




Don't really care about the year, or even the decade, but the one thing you can always count on from Winner is they are going to take it to the other team, no matter what! Winner might be smaller but you can always guarantee they are going to come out and hit you in the mouth.


I didn't see that last night....


Think this loss is a good thing and that Winner will be better off later in the season for the rough couple of weeks of practice they will likely be going through. 


The fight does not get any easier, Winner is at Stanley County this week and the Buffs looked TUFF in that win over MVP. 


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