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The P/G Honkers advanced to the state baseball tournament with a 3-2 win over St. Thomas More

How about them HONKERS....(Video) - Kirsch with the PLAY OF THE YEAR
May 24, 2017

By Rich Winter

Some terrific baseball over in Platte Monday. Lead/Deadwood and STM had a heck of a 4B west title game, as did Winner/Colome vs. P/G in the 4B East game.


But, STM and P/G clawed their way into the 4B championship game, and proceeded to play a heck of a ball-game. 


More got off to an early 1-0 lead until all hell broke loose in the bottom of the 4th. I'll let Mr. Brozik and liveticket.tv tell ya the rest of the story, but in the span of about two minutes, P/G found a way to get it done.


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