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Louie Schmidt, second from left with glasses as part of the Provo Rattlers

How TUFF was Louie Schmidt
Jul 26, 2017

By Rich Winter

Vernon 'Ike' Schmidt came into my office at the Todd County Tribune to visit for a moment about the recent passing of Floyd Reynolds. Really enjoyed hearing some stories about Reynolds and really just the whole mass of professionals around that time that were really making progress here on the Rosebud. Prior to Reynolds coming on as the first RST Ambulance Director there was just one ambulance for the whole reservation...Can you imagine? At any rate somewhere in there, think it was around 1979, here comes a whole new fleet of ambulances, top notch, best of its kind rolling out to help save lives.  


Thought that was pretty awesome. 


At any rate, during our conversation, we got side-tracked and Schmidt started telling me some stories about the old Provo Rattlers...The who, I asked???


Earlier in the week someone was telling me about the old Army Depot over by Edgemont. Couldn't remember who it was, later remembered it was Linda Bordeaux. 


Well, at any rate, Ike Schmidt was digging around in the archives of some museum over in Hot Springs and shared with me a bunch of pretty cool photos from the Provo Rattlers. 


Louie Schmidt it seems was one heck of a basketball player, and forgive me if I'm wrong, but I seem to remember something about being the leading scorer in Class B one year type stuff.


After the depot closed the once thriving town of about 2000 dwindled to nothing and all that is left are some really cool photos.

Authors' Note - Not sure if Louie is Louie or Louis, if it's wrong just let me know I'll change it...


If someone has an old photo or some interesting tidbit, I'd love to hear about it...send an email to richwinter85@gmail.com

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