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Hot Springs athlete Tristian Old Horse medals in the 800 and 1600 at state meet.

Hot Springs athlete Tristian Old Horse goes off at Class A state meet
May 29, 2017

By Rich Winter

Always try to get a feel for an athletes DNA by watching how they react towards their teammates, and after listening to Hot Springs senior Tristian Old Horse scream for his teammates during their preliminary heat of the Medley relay, I'm convinced Old Horse is made of the right stuff as he heads off to Chadron State to continue his running career. 


You see the state track meet is kind of an odd thing, in a few ways. Old Horse was scheduled to run the open 800, BUT, just before that race, his Hot Springs teammates Zion Henderson, Reley Simmons Nile Frasier and Josh Stanely were running the preliminaries of the 1600 meter medley relay. 200/200/400 and 800....If the Bison had run well enough to reach the finals, Old Horse likely would have anchored that event on Saturday in Sioux Falls.


And so, as Stanley took the baton for his 800 carry, Old Horse was running back and forth on the infield yelling for his teammates and cheering them on.


Alas, they finished 12th and missed the finals by about three seconds.


About a half hour later, Old Horse strapped in for the middle heat of the 800 meters. Came out of the start with a nice controlled effort. Absolutely love the look of focus on his face as he heads down the back-stretch of the first lap. 


Second lap, Old Horse pulled away and kicked down the stretch and finished the race in 2:02.62.


With one other heat to go, Old Horse watched as only Caleb DeWeerd 1:57, Ty Trainor 1:59 and an athlete from Tea Area 2:01 bettered his time.


4th place with that 2:02.62...kinda makes you wonder if he would have gone sub-2 had he been in the fast heat. 


But, the future Chadron State athlete wasn't done. 


Old Horse came into the state meet with a 1600 best of 4:42, the 16th best time in the field. On Saturday, he finished the race in 8th place with a MASSIVE personal best of 4:32.84.


How awesome is that?

Double medalist, 10-second personal best...


That's the right STUFF baby....Good luck as you continue your career...We'll be watching. 


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