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HighOctane Lower Brule blanks Iroquois
Sep 2, 2017

By Rich Winter

Looked around early this morning to see how Coach Zeke Prado's guys up in Lower Brule did last night....


Lower Brule 52-0 over Iroquois!!






Prado and the Sioux, led by QB Ben Long Crow have been dusting up the oppostion to the tune of 58 points per game.

Take a look at the scores so far...

68-14 over Crazy Horse

52-0 over Standing Rock and now

52-0 over Iroquois...


The schedule stiffens from this point forward though.

Next up is Sunshine Bible Academy...who lost 42-0 to Hitchcock/Tulare...don't have a score on the game with Tiospa Zina, but if Lower Brule can get to 4-0, I like where this team is headed. 



Just one match in the books so far...hoping the game with St. Francis on Sep. 5 will be livestreamed...Will let Lower Brule fans know. 


Cross-country: Don't have any results yet from the Lower Brule cross-country team, but, CHECK out the picture of Iren Grassrope and Marlow LaRoche running against each other from different colleges...NICE!

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