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No. 5 Colome takes on No. 4 Harding County

Has Colome TUFFENED up enough to make another 9B RUN
Oct 25, 2017

By Rich Winter

Well, we are on the eve of all HECK breaking loose as the quarterfinal round of the playoffs begin Thursday. Gotta say, that Colome @ Harding County game has the rest of the 9B field looking to see exactly how that one shakes out? 


You really gotta hand it to Harding County and coach Jay Wammen. Tiny little school up north with an enrollment of like 64 kids and here are the Ranchers again sporting a 9-0 record and coming off a 40-8 win over a solid Kadoka squad. 


Ranchers rolled early by had a 22-16 win over a 5-3 Timber Lake squad and a 20-16 win over a 3-5 Herried/Selby Area squad. 


0 Aug 17 7:00 p.m. MT Edgemont Buffalo 54-0 W 41 1-7
1 Aug 25 7:00 p.m. MT Lemmon/McIntosh Lemmon 44-12 W 47 4-4
2 Sep 01 7:00 p.m. MT Bison Bison 56-20 W 47 5-3
3 Sep 08 7:00 p.m. MT Timber Lake Buffalo 22-16 W 47 5-3
4 Sep 15 7:00 p.m. CT Herreid/Selby Area Selby 20-16 W 44 3-5
5 Sep 22 7:00 p.m. MT Faith Buffalo 50-0 W 44 3-5
6 Sep 29 6:00 p.m. MT Dupree Buffalo 70-18 W 44 3-5
7 Oct 06 7:00 p.m. MT Newell Newell 58-6 W 41 0-8
8     OPEN     - - -

On paper, this Rancher squad looks like a dual-threat Galore with sophomore QB, Camden Hett calling the shots. Ranchers can throw the ball and Hett has 1216 yards with 16 TD's and 8 int's. 


Couple of STUD backs Colome will have to contain...

* Jake George - 6-1, 200 LBS - 831 yards, 18 TD's

* Sam Adams - 5-10, 195 sophomore, 950 yards, 14 TD's


Clearly these are two, BIG, BRUISING 9B backs and Colome will have to stop the run!!

* Zack Anders - receiver - 625 yards, 8 TD's

Defense: - This Jake George is a special football player. Leads the team with 136 tackles and he's had 19 tackles for loss this season. STUD!!


Colome faced some adversity down the stretch...I like it!!

Boy, early in the season, Colome was just rolling people. Even before the loss to Corsica-Stickney, things started to get a little TUFFER down the stretch.

* Trailed Alcester-Hudson 14-0 before scoring 64 unanswered

* Beat a so-so Scotland team 20-14

* Lost at home to Corsica-Stickney

* Beat a 6-2 Avon squad 26-20. 

Colome had a few injuries there and it's my own perception that perhaps the loss to 9A's No. 1, Corsica-Stickney sorta rocked the boat a bit. Sometimes its good to go through a little adversity to remind us that all of those little things, the nuances that are practiced on during the week, are critical to performing at a high level. 


Cowboys looked good in that 60-8 opening round win over Sunshine-Bible Academy. Perhaps Ben Connot's kids got their mojo back, perhaps it never left. 


Included the video clip with this blog to remind myself of some of that championship caliber experience a lot of these Colome guys have. 

Should be a dandy.....

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