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known for the MOHAWK, Pine Ridge junior is a lot more than a basketball player

Happy Birthday Corey Brown - Student/Athlete GALORE
Oct 1, 2017

By Rich Winter

The first time I ever laid eyes on Corey Brown was during his freshman season playing for Pine Ridge in a game at St. Francis Indian School. Only a freshman, Brown had the polished post-moves of a senior with a real knack for rooting people out of the post and a phenomenal understanding of the game for such a young person. 


Wanted to go say hello then, but, that's COREY BROWN, and sometimes the Panic Button gets intimidated by prowess that he's not familiar with. 


And so, have followed Brown's career and finally got to meet him in person last season, in Pine Ridge...We shook hands, said a few words and continue to chit-chat on Facebook every so often. 


"You should have come to our game Friday," Brown told me immediately after the win over Custer on Friday. 


And then a little chatter about what is turning out to be a heck of a Pine Ridge defense. 


"It was a great win. Game of heart. Nothing was working out on our end. Threw a few picks, some dropped passes and a bunch of thee-and-out possessions," Brown said. "Until we started to get our defense going with like 2 minutes left in the 2nd and it got everyone fired up. We can out in the 3rd and we were steam rolling." 
And yes, Pine Ridge, the basketball school is having a banner season in football. Brown attributes that to the defense. 
"Defense is our biggest factor. Different reporters. Fans and just people who seen us play. Say we have the hardest hitting defense in the state," Brown said. 
Ok, neat and I'm fired up to see how Ridge closes out their season against Belle Fourche and Sturgis. 
But, wanted to mention a little something different about Corey Brown. 
Out of the corner of my eye this summer, I saw he had a trip back east, think it was to Harvard for some kind of science conference. (See photo attached with Facebook Post). Not just an athlete, and one of the best TE's and power-forwards in the state, Brown seems to take his academic future seriously.
Only a junior, really excited to see what Brown and his teammates do over the next few seasons. A lot of juniors on the football team and they could be a dangerous foe in the 11A bracket this season and next. 
The No. 2 seed at Lakota Nation, Ridge and Red Cloud in the finals looks like a delicious matchup. 
At any rate, Happy Birthday Mr. Brown....Keep it rolling Thorpes. 


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