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Video courtesy of KDLT sports

Gregory puts the HURT on AA schools in Sioux Falls
Jul 27, 2017

By Rich Winter

Out for a walk last night and I happened onto good buddy, Clay Colombe sitting in the yard with Kernit Grimshaw. Hadn't seen Clay for awhile and after getting the customary Dallas Cowboys jibber-jabber from two die-hard Cowboys, somehow Winner football came up. 


Clay wondered aloud if Winner could have beaten Madison and Mitchell with that 2016 team....reminded Mr. Colombe, and anyone else that doesn't believe that these small schools can play with  the big boys, that the Winner guys beat Mitchell in every level up through Jr. varsity when they stopped playing each other. 


Got up after a cold one, walked home and turned on the televsion and happened upon KDLT sports. 


And right out of the gate I got fired up.


Riggs Academy hosted this 12-team 7 on 7 football tournament at the Sanford Football Clinic. It seems those teams were mostly AA schols from South Dakota, two from Fargo and 2 from Iowa. 


Gregory showed out, defeating Brandon Valley, Mandan N.D., Sioux Falls O'Gorman, and then, Sioux Falls Lincoln in the title game on the last play of the game. 


Shut up...


That is incredible!!


At any rate, ran into Harvey Naasz at the South Dakota State track meet as he'd ventured over to the shot-put circle. Had the opportunity to hear about his Hall of Fame induction and heard him call last years Winner team a team of the century. 


Gregory might be that team in the 9AA ranks this year. That team is going to be explosive and fast and TUFF and dominant. Barring any kind of injury this crew is going to roll into Vermillion and kick some serious butt. 


AA schools, LOL!!!


Same sports broadcast and the KDLT guys counted down the top plays of the week. The No. 1 play coming from Leahy Bowl in Winner on the steal of home plate in Vermillion's win over Dell Rapids at the State American Legion Tournament.


Video, courtesy of liveticket.tv....

I like it!


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