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SAFE - Heads up base-running from Gregory allowed the team to scratch out a 4-0 lead in the early stages of Sunday's Jr. Teener championship game with Platte.

Gregory Jr. Teeners FUNDAMENTALLY Sound
Jun 22, 2017

By Rich Winter

After Platte scored four runs in the top of the fifth to knot the score at 4-4 in the finals of Sunday's Jr. tournament at Leahy Bowl in Winner, Gregory could have folded. Having led the entire game, 4-0 after the second innning, and with ace Coy Determan, who had a no-hitter, going into the fifth appearing to tire, it looked, for a moment, like Gregory's run was done. 


But, Determan got back on his horse, getting out of the top of the sixth to keep the score tied. 


Bottom of six, Determan singled, advanced on a sacrifice fly from Carson Kludt. On the fourth ball to Hunter VanNieuwenhuyse that got past the Platte catcher, Determan alerty sailed to third with Van Nieuwenhuyse getting to first and then stealing second. 


With runners at second and third, Taron Serr struck out. 


Two down, Bryce Frank laced a single into the outfield that scored Determan to give Gregory the 5-4 win. 


After the game the Panic Button caught up to Gregory coach Jeff Determan. In that interview, Determan noted how many crucial plays his guys made during the tournament, and especially in the championship game. 


In the first inning, some alert baserunning allowed Gregory to scratch out two runs. 


Second inning, almost identical, couple of passed balls with alert Gregory runners either advancing or scoring two scratch out two more runs in what turned out to be a very tight game. 


Loved the base running in the first two innings. He who hesitates is lost but there was no hesitation from the gregory kids. Every time they saw a passed ball, they pounced...And converted. 


One play in particular stands out as I was in the stands with liveticket.tv guy Jody Brozik. Seems like Platte had runners on base, can't remember if it was second and third but Platte hit a sharp grounder to Gregory pitcher Coy Determan. 


Not only did he field the play cleanly, Determan picked up the ball, held the first runner, held the second runner and then alertly threw it to first for the out. 


Brozik even offered a wow in the stands as Determan had three options, and he executed what a lof of folks would say was a very high IQ baseball move. 


Seemed like the Gregory infield was solid all tournament. If the ball was within knock-down distance, Gregory got to it, fielded the ball and converted.


That right there, that baseball acumen, that comes with working on fundamentals and getting some good coaching to explain everything that's going on and exploring any possible scenario. 


And that, that will win you a lot of games. 

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