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Ty Arcoren erupts through the hole during last fall's football season

Good luck Desmond Tyrell Arcoren
May 5, 2017

By Rich Winter

As the years of schooling dwindle to just a few days left for so many student/athletes around the state, can't stop and help but wonder just what kind of foudation, Ty Arcoren and the graduating class of 2017 will have on their football brethern as the years move forward.


One of my favorite stories of the year was the resurgence of the St. Francis Indian School football season. For years this program lay dormant and there were times when there were 13 football players, two coaches, me and Jerry Matthews as the only players standing on the SF football sideline.


A few years back now St. Francis Indian School won a game....beep....suddenly a pulse.


Since that first win it's been a win here and there but in the fall of 2016 the boys from St. Francis strapped it up and went 4-5.


Remarkable to feel the energy over in St. Francis this year.


* Loved Ashton DeCory mixing it up with a big lineman from Bennett County.

* Loved seeing Joe LaPointe come banging through the hole with would-be tacklers bouncing off of him. 

* Loved seeing Daniel Eagle Road get after the QB.

* The Witt twins took so many shots, delivered some as well, but no matter how hard they got hit they BOUNCED up after spending high school tuffening up in the weight room.


Just really enjoyed seeing Ty Arcoren play this year.


Started at wide-receiver, moved to tailback, took snaps at QB and laid the wood from wherever coach Ryan Holy Eagle put him. The enthusiasm alone, the cheering on his teammates after they made big plays was pretty awesome to see.


Young man got hurt late in the season but really set a great example for the younger players on the team.


And so, with a bunch of tuff-minded seniors soon heading off into the world, I wonder how the St. Francis under-classmen will respond.


While 4-5 isn't playoffs, YET, seems like little St. Francis has a game in the Dakota Dome next fall.




Hopeful that all those underclassmen are getting right in the classroom with just a few weeks remaining. Hope these young people will BRYTON the St. Francis weight-room every day and get after it, as a group who wants to get better.




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