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Game ball to the TC offensive line as Mark Rogers erupts for 311 yards rushing.

Sep 17, 2017

Panic Button,

At halftime of the Todd County vs. Little Wound game played in Lead/Deadwood, the Falcons and Mustangs were tied, 8-8. With their passing game not working effectively, Head Coach Bob Kornely challenged his team and specifically the offensive line to get physical and start opening some holes. 




By the end of the contest, junior RB, Mark Rogers had marched the team up and down the field, rushing for a school record 311 yards (unofficially) as Todd County improved to 3-1 heading into a monster showdown at Red Cloud this Friday. 


Well, ya don't see 311 yards rushing very often, and the offensive line rarely gets the love they deserve, but the Panic Button knows...and throws out this week's game ball to the Todd County offensive line. 


Waylon Marshall, Jayden Kettell, Joe Gabaldon (quicker than Tristen Herman, EASY), Gabe Broken Leg, Blaine LaPointe, Eden Arcoren, Dineh Black Horse and Shiloh Gunhammer. 


The big boys paved the way up front so Rogers could EAT!!


For those of you keeping score at home, Rogers is having a big year. 

Vs. Crow Creek - 202 yards rushing

Vs. Dakota Valley - 93 yards rushing

Vs. CEB - 194 yards rushing

Vs. Little Wound 311 yards

Four games = 800 yards...BAM!!


Don't have a lot of details on the game yet and only visited with Falcon Coach Bob Kornely for a few minutes via telephone as the team was driving home. 


But, I hear that Falcon juior Bryant Burnette had a monstrous stop on 4th-down with the Mustangs driving in the 4th quarter that really killed the Mustangs momentum.


Also, Sebastian Two Elk 60-yard interception that he returned to the two yard line.


On a personal note: Can't tell ya how happy I am to see Mark Rogers doing well. Think it was his 8th grade year, but this man blew an ACL during football season, missed all basketball and didn't get to do anything really until late in the summer when he started playing baseball...(Best hands at third base I've EVER seen). 


Played well his freshman year but was too small to really make a huge difference. 


Sophomore year started off nicely and then he blew the knee out again. So, he limped through a difficult year, didn't get to play much basketball.


And so, to see this young man averaging 200 yards per game after coming back from two knee surgeries, well, that fires me up!




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