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Huron's Trent Francom goes 15-6 at Howard Woodz

Francom SOARS to 15-6 at Howard Wood
May 7, 2017

By Rich Winter

As the competitions ended during the Friday night session at Howard Wood most people emptied out of the stadium despite a terrific high school pole vault still going on.


With 60-something jumpers in line, the competition stretched out over about a six hour period. In fact, the Winner, Huron's Trent Francom, hadn't even taken his first jump before most people had left the stadium


Those that stayed were treated to some rare air as Francom one-upped his 15-2 from the Pierre invite, winning the competition with a jump of 15-6.

Francom, trent Huron HS 1 15-06.00 4.72m
Spartz, Noah Watertown HS 2 14-03.00 4.34m
Hup, Matthew Luverne MN HS 3 13-09.00 4.19m
Cox, Colton Aberdeen Roncalli HS 4 13-09.00 4.19m
Gross, Tony Waverly South Shore HS 5 13-09.00 4.19m
Kleinsasser, travis Huron HS 6 13-03.00 4.03m
West, Cooper West Philip HS 7 13-03.00 4.03m
Carpenter, Sutton Mitchell HS 8 13-03.00 4.03m

Terrific vaulting competition with ten guys over 13-3. Francom was the No. 8 vaulter in South Dakota history after the Pierre meet, Saturday he moved up in those rankings (don't have that at the tip of my tongue). 


Really nice vaulting effort from Huron at the biggest and baddest track meet in the upper mid-west. 

Shannon Katz finished 6th in the event clearing 10-3

Travis Kleinsasser also finished 6th, clearing 13-3

Asked Mr. Francom what he's got planned after college and the young man is getting ready to embark on a two-year volunteer Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.


Bout fell outa my chair when Mr. Francom told me that...and he seemed a tad surprised when I told him I was a BYU graduated.

Wow, small world...


Mr. Francom has already put in his Mission papers and will be heading to Uruguay for the next two years.

And then, "Hopefully I'll find a school where I can vault," Francom said. 

Complete Huron results from Howard Wood:

Francom, trent HS Boys Pole Vault
(Final Results)
1 15-06.00 4.72m
Gilbert, Lexi HS Girls 100 Meter Dash
(Preliminary Results)
51 13.44 1.6 10
Hill, Alex HS Boys 100 Meter Dash
(Preliminary Results)
79 12.31 -0.3 6
Katz, Shannon HS Girls Pole Vault
(Final Results)
6 10-03.00 3.12m
Kleinsasser, travis HS Boys Pole Vault
(Final Results)
6 13-03.00 4.03m
Korkow, cole HS Boys Long Jump
(Final Results)
3 21-07.00 NWI 6.57m
Korkow, cole HS Boys 100 Meter Dash
(Preliminary Results)
30 11.43 1.2 8
Lichty, Brianna HS Girls Triple Jump
(Final Results)
Lien, Tyler HS Boys 400 Meter Dash
(Preliminary Results)
39 54.03 5
Little, Deyona HS Girls 300 Meter Int Hurdles
(Final Results)
12 48.12 6
Rozell, Reagan HS Girls Pole Vault
(Final Results)
24 J8-03.00 2.51m
Shillingstad, Sydney HS Girls 100 Meter Dash
(Preliminary Results)
42 13.33 1.5 8
Small, Mason HS Boys Triple Jump
(Final Results)
39 38-09.00 NWI 11.81m
Witte, Madison HS Girls Discus Throw
(Final Results)
Witte, Madison HS Girls Shot Put
(Final Results)
16 36-03.00 11.04m
  HS Boys 4×100 Meter Relay Class AA
(Final Results)
20 47.93 1
  HS Boys 4×800 Meter Relay Class AA
(Final Results)
14 9:07.51
  HS Boys 1,600 Mtr Sprint Medley Class AA
(Final Results)
12 3:43.41 1
  HS Girls 4×100 Meter Relay Class AA
(Final Results)
24 53.74 1
  HS Girls 4×200 Meter Relay Class AA
(Final Results)
21 1:53.95 1
  HS Girls 4×800 Meter Relay Class AA
(Final Results)
17 10:25.62
  HS Girls 1600 Sprint Medley Class AA
(Final Results)
14 4:27.62 1


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