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The history literally pours out of the Gregory press-box

Does anyone have a better PRESS-BOX than Gregory
Sep 21, 2017

By Rich Winter

Well it is one day before Friday Night Light's gets going and I gotta admit, I've been thinking about Bon Homme @ Gregory all week. 


No. 1 vs. No. 2 - Showdown in the 9AA ranks. How many times have these two teams met when it mattered? How many years have these two met and I'm guessing there is some really great stories about this rivalry. 


On Friday evening the eyes of South Dakota will turn to gregorygorillaslive.com as the No. 2 Bon Homme Cavaliers invade Mike DACEY field and the No. 1 Gregory Gorillas. Gregory has been crushing folks, and I mean crushing…The offense looks ridonculous, the defense STOUT. But, Bon Homme is tested.


  • Beat Parkston 6-0
  • Crushed Wolsey-Wessington 37-0
  • Won a TUFF road game at No. 4 Miller 34-28
  • Held off Kimball/White Lake the TUFFEST 0-4 9AA team in the state
  • And really took it to Lower Brule 54-0

This Bryce Scieszinski fella is the real deal at QB and I’m always amazed at how TUFF some of the kids from Bon Homme are, and have been over the years….Some TUFF folks down there..


And so, Gregory which looks unbeatable gets a real test from a good, TUFF well coached team…


It’s gonna be ELECTRIC!!


While I won't be there in person, I gotta say, last season when I attended for the Stanley County playoff game, I felt the history of that place when I ventured up the stairs to the crows nest. You can see the helmets, the shoulder-pads and you can feel this history of a community that has always cared about football. 


Walking up through the rafters of the old, wooden frame and then you pop into a very nice, well-layed out press-box with multiple rooms. First person you will see is Seymour Studenberg (Sorry about the name wrong the first time...Guess I messed up Voigt for a while) and he'll tell ya some stories...(Glad you got to meet Kernit Grimshaw the other night).


But, what gets me about the Gregory press-box is the photos, the history, the nostalgia of the place. Some great memories as Sturdivant took me around and showed me the pictures and explained who some of the kids from years past year.


It's awesome!!


Weather is moving in, could be frightful...No. 1 vs. No. 2...If you are going, get there early. If your not going, do like I'm going to do and watch it on the net. 


That game will be webcast at www.liveticket.tv and gregorygorillaslive.com…

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