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Robert Vomacka leads the 2016 Gorillas onto the field prior to a playoff game with Stanley County

Do the Gregory Gorillas have a pipeline to Northern State
Jul 9, 2017

By Rich Winter

Can you believe that high school football practice across South Dakota starts in about three weeks? 




Saw an interesting post on soon-to-be Gregory senior QB Andy McCance's Facebook wall a week or ten days ago. McCance posted a link about last year's pre-season football picks from one of the Sioux Falls TV stations. As the guys picked the 9AA favorites, not a mention of the Gregory Gorillas, who went on to thump everyone on their way to that 9AA title. 


Somehow I think Gregory will be on everyone's radar this year...LOL!


Had a couple of chance meetings with Gregory senior (yes you were right Hammer), Jayd VanDerWerff and recently graduated Robert Vomacka, both of whom were umping little kids' baseball games within the last week. 


Vomacka, who is headed to Northern State here in a few weeks is looking to play WR at the next level and is headed into a program that had success a year ago, and just missed out on making the Division 11 playoffs.


VanDerWerff, who has been attending some elite football camps this summer, noted, that on the day I saw him he had just been offered from Northern State. Asked Jayd how the summer lifting was going and he told me the Gorillas have a pretty steady and consistent group of about 12-15 athletes coming in to get their 'work' in. Noted something about a couple of lineman transferring in that should help with the loss of Colton Nelson, whom I believe is headed off to Madison to play for Dakota State. 


And yes, VanderWerff and McCance, and some of other fellas are putting in that 'extra' work to work on pass patterns and routes and timing. 


As for McCance, haven't seen him since the middle of track season. Salivating to get a look at this guy tossing the football around and wreaking havoc with his uncanny pocket presence and sheer stick-it-to-ya running style. 


The last time I asked, McCance thought the University of South Dakota would be a good landing spot if the opportunity arose. Have no feeling on this one way or another, but, would it not be something if Vomacka, VanDerWerff and McCance all ended up at Northern State?


Hmmmm, interesting!


Oh man, I seriously fear for whomever Gregory sees on opening day...OUCH!


See ya in a few Gorillas!


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