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Did the Defense deserve the Out?
Sep 11, 2019

Kids grow up all over the country dreaming of being 'caught' by ESPN... well, this summer three South Dakota "Boys of Summer" had there dream come true!

LiveTicket.Tv has covered three of the last four State Amateur Baseball tournaments at Cadwell Park in Mitchell, South Dakota.  The coverage includes complete game coverage, instant replays, AND now features on ESPN.

The sports network picked up a clip from a Twitter tag to ESPN and featured it on the daily show "Highly Questionable"

Mt Vernon Mustang's pick-up player from the Platte Killer Tomatoes... YES, KILLER TOMATOES... was caught on film approaching Home Plate from 2nd base, when he suddenly stumbles SHORT of Home Plate!

Brady Krause of Milbank didn't see the slide come up short, and after Buitenbos regained his composure (AND flipping his helmet off) Krause realized the blunder and attempts a tag at the plate!

It makes for some action at the plate and some comic entertainment!

Israel Gutierrez, the Guest on the show for the day, comments "It's a Willie Mayes Hayes situation here...  JUST A BIT short of the plate!"... referencing the hit movie 'Major League'

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