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Deubrook Area's Josie Olsen and Newell's Delaney Leber figure to be in the mix for a Class B state t

Deubrook Area in the hunt as RUGGED Class B meet unfolds
Oct 17, 2017

By Rich Winter

It's only Tuesday, BUT, I have to tell you I am jonesing to see how the South Dakota state cross-country meet unfolds in Rapid City. There are so many storylines of tremendous student/athletes who have worked their butts off in preparation for the CLASH!


One of the races I'm excited to see unfold is that of the Class B girls competition. Ipswich is the defending champion, and they are loaded on top of that roster, BUT ya better watch out for this one as teams from Sully Buttes, Kimball/White Lake, Philip, Gayville-Volin and Deubrook Area are going to slug it out in what could be one of the all time great B team races. 

Ran into another big cross-country fan earlier this week. A gentleman by the name of Paul Ekern who is the Editor of the Tri-City Star and an assistant coach for the Deubrook Area Dolphins. He joins my northeast eyes and ears, Brian Decker. 


There final Class B girls polls will follow, in a moment. 

Really excited to see this Josie Olsen run. Young lady is undefeated this year, having run nine meets. One of those wins was against Winner's Sidda Schuyler, who won the Region 4A meet with a scorching fast 18:12. Deubrook is the defending Class B champion in the 4x800 relay and they send all four of those girls to Saturday's SHOWDOWN. 

Ekern shares his thoughts on Deubrook Area. 

 "At Deubrook Josie Olsen is undefetaed in 9 meets this year. Our top four runners were all part of the Class B winning 3200 meter relay last year and three were on the winning relay from the year before. Olsen and Andrea Vandermeer were second and thrid in the 3200 meter run at the state meet. We hope to be in hunt in the state meet. I think he top four teams could be within 10 points," Ekern said. 

That is a lot of firepower up top and with some tough competition out there, Deubrook's No. 2 and No. 3 runners who finished 4th and 9th at the Region meet are going to have to be up in the mix. 

Tri-City Star poll....

Class “B” Girls

  1. Newell
  2. Ipswich
  3. Deubrook Area
  4. Gayville-Volin
  5. Sully Buttes
  6. Kimball/White Lake

Honorable Mention – Dakota Hills, Northwestern, Philip, Potter County

Title chasers – Josie Olsen, Deubrook Area; Madison Fairley, Gayville-Volin; Aleah Steger, Ipswich; Delaney Leber, Newell

Top ten contenders – Tessa Kilber, Ipswich; Sidney McCord, Kimball/White Lake; Gracie Weinheimer, Sully Buttes; Victoria Zirbel, Dakota Hills, Madelynn Brantner, James Valley Christian; Andrea Vandermeer, Deubrook Area; Peyton Groft, Northwestern; Kendra Jensen, Alcester-Hudson


Brian Decker poll: 

Class B girls
1 Newell
2 Ipswichitle.
3 Duebrook Area


Individual TITLE: Tell ya what, this is going to be a heck of a race. Newell's Delaney Leber is so tough on the track and if she's around with 800 meters to go, don't count her out. Olsen is undefeated and she's tough...I expect her to be right there. Laura Nelson of Gayville-Volin has herself quite a career and now 8th-grader Madison Fairley looks like the heir apparent. Steger and Ipswich have such a proud tradition up there....Gotta figure she'll be running tough for her team. 

Buckle up cross-country nation, it is about to get good. 

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