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Willard Knight hauls in a big completion as Dupree picked up their first win in three years.
Patty Peacock

DUPREE breaks through with 46-0 win over Standing Rock
Sep 19, 2017

By Rich Winter

Wanted to give a big shoutout to Cooper Wall, coach, and the Dupree Tiger football team this morning. Learned from new cross country pal, Angela Martin that the 46-0 win over Standing Rock, North Dakota was the first time in three years that Dupree had won a football game.


The Tigers did it and did it in style. 


For the seniors, Travis Stambach, Cole Brewer, Willard Knight, Brent Roark, Garrett Fischer, JB Pederson, Kathan Martel, Daycen Hunt the win Friday had to feel dang good. Those guys have been on the wrong end of a lot of games during their high-school careers and so to come through, at home, on a football-like day, well, for those of us that have been in that situation (self included), I bet it felt SWEET. 


And now, a BIG game at home this week against winless Crazy Horse....Might we see a winnning streak up north?


Shout out to the whole community for sticking behind their boys through some TUFF times. 


Note: Shout out to the Standing Rock boys and their journey this year. When no one in North Dakota would play then (DAPL Pipeline Protest fallout, I guess), the guys churned up a mostly road-schedule of playing South Dakota teams...And, some weeks they play 9-man...some weeks they play 11-man. 


That's TUFF,

Alright so some cross country results from Belle Fourche as the girs especially continue to improve. 


The girls and boys varsity pictures.


Macy Martin 18th  


Shantell Brewer 20th



Clifton Birleland 46th


Isaach Brown 63rd: 23:18


Volleyball: And for good measure, the volleyball team took care of Tiospa Zina Tribal last night: (25-17) (25-21) (25-8)

Another big shout out to Patty Peacock for letting me borrow a few football photos. 



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