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Nash Hutmacher gets ready to do damage at Cadet Nationals in Fargo

Cub POLAR BEAR looking to do damage at Cadet NATIONALS in North Dakota
Jul 9, 2017

A couple of weeks ago there were a bunch of Chamberlain soon-to-be sophomore Nash Hutmacher videos floating around from the Tulsa Duels. The South Dakota Class A HWT champ made quite an impression on everyone in Tulsa and blew us all away here at home as he dismantled opponent after opponent. 


Couple things you might not know about that tournament in Tulsa. Nash, is only a cadet (age-wise) and he was wrestling in the junior division, meaning he was wrestling some of the top HWT's in the nation and those guys were two years older than him. 


1. Hutmacher lost one greco-roman match, to a state champion from Michigan. What you might not know is the Tulsa meet was the first time Nash had ever wrestled greco-roman. How do you train for an event and do so well in an event that you've never participated in?


2. In the freestyle division, Hutmacher didn't lose a match! Because of the way the teams faced off against each other at the Tulsa meet there were three other HWT's that went undefeated. Those three, several years older than Hutmacher are headed to Iowa, Northwestern and North Dakota State on wrestling scholarships. 


One of the young men, Nash beat in that tournament is a state champion from Nebraska. Hutmacher beat him like 13-12 and had the announcers foaming at the mouth about never seeing that kind of wrestling from a pair of HWT's. (That is the match that is included with this piece in the video section). 




Caught up with Nash's dad Joe via telephone last weeka to just kind of hear about that experience.


One of the questions I asked Joe was how do he and mom Laura keep Nash grounded? After all, you go all-conference in football, win the HWT title as a freshman and then get 4th place in both the shot put and discus....If I were that freshman, I'd be big headed and cocky because I'd obviously done something!!


"That's one of the really great things about Nash is he keeps himself level headed, we're kind of blessed in that way," Joe said. "He might tell people he did well or even won a tournament, he just forgets to mention that its the state tournament." 


Maybe that's the reason that Hutmacher, during the state imposed moratorium last week was lifting weight at home and then going out for a 'hill-run' during 95 degree weather in Chamberlain.


Pretty fun to see a youngster with this kind of drive and this kind of ambition...And then to have him be a rock-solid kid, well, you get the picture, Nash Hutmacher is going places. 


One of those places he'll be going is the 2017 Cadet and Junior National Championships in Fargo, North Dakota. For those of you that don't know, this is like the national championships for high-school wrestling. 


And, for a change, Hutmacher will be competing against kids his own age in the cadet division. You know, other 15 and 16 year olds from across the country. 


Good luck Nash and the rest of team South Dakota and keep it right here at the panic button and sportsticket.live as the Cub POLAR BEAR gets ready to maul a few of the best age-group kids in the United States. 

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