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Colome student Hanna Rowe working production during the recently completed Class B Legion tournament in Winner

Colome student turning production into an art form
Jul 28, 2017

By Rich Winter

Several years ago Colome student Hanna Rowe was asked to help run production for a Colome Cowboys sports broadcast for liveticket.tv. Since Rowe was recovering from a knee injury and away from the sports she loved she decided to give it a shot. 


Although the initial experience, like anything brand new was stressful, Rowe soon found herself getting used to the software and suddenly a watchful eye over her back turned into her doing full set-up and production for high school games in Colome.


"I started on the computers running production,"Rowe said. "I'm still in production though I have a better work flow and more consistent than when I started."


So adept at the changing of cameras and running of commercial spots and keeping the 'talent' on task, Rowe soon found herself doing production for Winner games and even a few over in Gregory.


Now, liveticket.tv owner Jody Brozik turns her loose and Rowe gets everything running for the broadcast. 


So adept has Rowe become at running the production she's been asked to teach a Production class for students her age at Colome this year. 


"Doing this has made my time management better between school and work," Rowe said. "I'm a big fan of technology and how it's improving and its exciting to see all the things you can do."


Rowe says she likes the production more than actually playing the sports.


As the high school sports season gets ready to wind up, schools across the Liveticket network are already seeing students come forward to be part of the broadcast. 


"I just think its a win-win for students to get some hands on experience doing something that's fun, something that's meaningful and something that's important," Jody Brozik, LiveTicket.tv owner said. "When you give young people responsibility and then a skill set to take with them in life, that's invaluable."


During high school games, Brozik regularly has one student running the computer/production while several others man cameras that help televise the game. Occasionally, students have the opportunity to jump on the microphone and call games. 


For Rowe, the experience in production has been a good one, so much so her college choices have been affected by her experience.


"I'm deciding between phorensic Anthorpology or something in media like cinemetography," she said. 


When the Panic Button joined forces with liveticket.tv in early 2016, one of the goals was to get more students interested in trying their hand at blogging and contributing photos and videos and such.


One student, recently graduated senior, Conner Graves shared some photos and game recaps from Chamberlain, Miller and surrounding schools. 


Some of them had audience views of over 1000 people reading them.


"There are so many good stories about the youth across South Dakota," Rich Winter, Panic Button said. "Would like to see more people that are interested in writing and photography have a chance to work on their communication skills through blogging." 


For more information about a student or students getting involved in production call Jody Brozik at 605-842-5118


For more information on blogging or contributing to the Panic Button sports blog, please call Rich Winter at 801-448-1279.






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