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Todd County senior Clayton Shaw displayed some serious toughness

Clayton Shaw is one TUFF Customer
Apr 19, 2017

By Rich Winter

Late Monday afternoon at the Mission City Park with the Todd County baseball trailing Gregory, 3-1, TC player, Clayton Shaw, was sitting on a bucket, just inside the playing field parked next to the Todd County dug-out. Shaw had been sitting there for a while, happily playing air-drumming there in-between stints of playing outfield and taking some at-bats earlier in the day.


Shaw, big-time into the game, was sitting on that same bucket when teammate, Loren Dragg, fought off a pitch and sent it rocketing toward Shaw.


No time to move, no time to react the ball struck Shaw right in the knee-cap, popping off one of those ugly sounds that make ya stand up and say...UH-OH!!


Well, Shaw, crumpled up on the ground in front of the bucket, gritted his teeth, sucked it up and TUFFED it out while anxious teammates and family gathered around.


After about 30 seconds, with an assist, Shaw got himself up, limped to the bench with his knee cocked up to ease what must have been excruciating pain. (I won't repeat the choice words Shaw offered up...but HOLAY)


Later in the evening, Todd County sophomore Bryce Hammer, who was in attendance, said, "I don't know how he didn't cry...I woulda cried."


Me Too!


Holy Cow, Shaw dusted it off, resumed cheering for his teammates and walked out to the diamond for an AWESOME team photo from Kernit Grimshaw. 


Have always wanted to write a little something about Clayton Shaw. The young man is hearing impaired and wears a pretty big hearing aid on at least one of his ears.


While Shaw toyed with basketball early in his high-school career, he eventually gave up the uniform for a Managers uni, and helped out both the Todd County boys and girls.


Rumor has it that during a disspirited effort from Todd County during a game during his junior year that before the coach could even reach the locker room Shaw was already giving them the business about not giving enough effort and playing to their potential. 


The one sport that Shaw doesn't seem capable of giving up on is baseball. Not the tallest guy, not the biggest guy, but if memory serves during a tuff outing against Winner/Colome a few weeks back Shaw reached on a walk, on a night where just a couple TC guys made it on base.


Man, the shot to the knee the other day was...OMG...I have to see a picture of the knee cuz it has to be black and blue like no other.


Wow man, who knew just rubbing some dirt on it really worked!

Great job Mr. Shaw....TUFF GUY!

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