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Vermillion's Maddie Lavin leads Dakota Valley's Marisa Schulz during Region competition.
Yankton Press & Dakotan

Class A distance ladies ready to assault HALLOWED distance marks
May 25, 2017

By Rich Winter

With nearly ideal conditions expected for the 2017 South Dakota state track meet, WE, the Fanz can expect a plethora of records to become former records as THEE best athletes in the state converge on East River. 


I've thrown up on the Class A girls distance runners quite a bit this season, and with good reason. A host of talented cross-country runners converge on Tea/Area and Sioux Falls for battles galore on anything ranging from the 800 to the 1600.


A couple records in that realm, really long standing records from Canton's Heid Reed, all the way back from 1991 could be in jeopardy. 


1600 - Meet Record: 5:03.16 1991 Heidi Reed, Canton

 3200 - Meet Record: 11:08.85 1991 Heidi Reed, Canton      

There is a reason those records have stood so long, Heidi Reed was tough, and perhaps a bit ahead of her time.

While no one in the field has run times below that of Reed, a couple of athletes are right there.

Class A athletes that automatically qualified...

3200m Run - 12:03.80
1. Simmons, Karlee 11:08.70 Hill City
2. Savey, Cait 11:17.90 Beresford
3. Schmidt, Nicolette 11:19.60 Redfield/Doland
4. Byers, Ella 11:25.70 Chamberlain
5. Schuyler, Sidda 11:40.20 Winner
6. Schulz, Marisa 11:41.70 Dakota Valley
7. Delmont, Mallory 11:48.00 Custer
8. Whisler, Taryn 11:52.70 Vermillion
9. Lavin, Maddie 11:53.80 Vermillion
10. VanKalsbeek, Micah 11:54.70 SF Christian
11. Dion, Alcista 12:00.20 Wagner


Hill City's Karley Simmons ran 11:08 at Howard Wood, and she'll have company in the race with Cait Savey, Nicollete Schmidtand Ella Byers contending and Vermillion's Maddie Lavin lurking, not having run a competitive 2-mile in a bit. 


Whomever from that list decided to contest the 800, shortly before the 3200 (By the way South Dakota, running the 2-mile at 5:00 p.m. at the end of the first day is dumb...Have seen other states that run it first thing in the morning so as to give those athletes in the mid/distance realm a chance to run that event fresh) and or medley relay qualification carries could be impacted.


Beresford's Cait Savey ran a 5:13.79 1600 on a cold windy day at her Region meet and thumped Lavin pretty good in the process. 


And so, settle back, let the field tow each other around the track on a cool, calm day..

Yes please!

800 meters:

Custer's Tori Glazier is winning this race, but who is going to finish second. Chamberlain's Ella Byers has the No. 2 time but state cross-country champion, Haleigh Timmer hasn't run much this year and yet has a 2:18.9 under her belt. 

(Fast heat at state track meet)

7-1A    693 Blote, Brigit                 11 St. Thomas M        2:24.90 
 5-2A    698 Cooper, Kaci                   9 St. Thomas M        2:22.20 
 3-3A    137 Byers, Ella                   10 Chamberlain         2:18.90 
 1-4A    167 Glazier, Tori                 11 Custer              2:14.40 
 2-5A    708 Timmer, Haleigh                8 St. Thomas M        2:18.90 
 4-6A    449 Streff, Hailey                12 Madison             2:21.70 
 6-7A    370 Hohn, Marion                  11 Hill City           2:22.20 
 8-8A    908 Schuyler, Samantha            12 Winner              2:25.60 


1600 Meters: 

For me this is probably the most eagery anticipated showdown in the Class A ranks. It's the race where everyone is relatively fresh, hungry to equal or improve on what they did Friday. With a good field of elite athletes you can expect the pace to be stiff. Look for the contendors to move on lap 3 and then just let it go on the final lap. 

Chamberlain's Byers ran a 5:08 mile at Howard Wood then cranked out a 5:07.5 at MVP in a race with no one else anywhere close about three days later. 


Hill City's Karlee Simmons ran a 5:16 in Pierre about a month ago. Beresford's Savey is in rare form. Glazier, didn't look great in the 1600 at Howard Wood, but, with three weeks of training under her belt, she should be ready.


Vermillion's Lavin scared Reed's record last season and this year it should be more than just her and Glazier together on the final lap. 


Let the games begin!

1600 automatic qualifiers


600m Run - 5:26.90
1. Byers, Ella 5:07.50 Chamberlain
2. Glazier, Tori 5:11.00 Custer
3. Streff, Hailey 5:15.80 Madison
4. Simmons, Karlee 5:16.10 Hill City
5. Lavin, Maddie 5:16.20 Vermillion
6. Schulz, Marisa 5:17.70 Dakota Valley
7. Delmont, Mallory 5:19.50 Custer
8. Hohn, Marion 5:19.90 Hill City
9. Schmidt, Nicolette 5:20.10 Redfield/Doland
10. Cooper, Kaci 5:21.20 St. Thomas More
11. Savey, Cait 5:24.40 Beresford
12. Ruud, Alicia 5:25.90 Lennox
13. Becker, Mckenzie 5:26.50 Hill City



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