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Clash of the Titans - No. 2 Bon Homme @ No. 4 Miller
Sep 1, 2017

By the Lightning Rod,

Just got a youtube notification telling me that in nine hourse the much awaited Bon Homme vs. Miller football game will kick off.


C'mon man, been jonesing for this one all week...Monstrous, monstrous game of the week in South Dakota and you can watch in via webcast at http://millerrustlers.live


Should be a dandy and am very excited for Miller and their fans who will be webcasting their first sporting event via liveticket.tv. 


As some of you may know, panicbutton.live is the sports blog of my buddy Rich Winter. This guy loves sports, cares about kids, youth and things that are important in South Dakota. 


In recent weeks, a Facebook Page dedicated soley to Miller Rustler sports has been created. You can find Miller related contenet at https://www.facebook.com/MillerRustlersLive/


Cross-country - Haven't seen results yet from the Redfield/Doland meet but interested to see how Conner Bertsch and company did yesteray. 


Volleyball - While Linda DeBoer's crew had a little bit of a hiccup in the third set last night, the No. 4 team in Class A volleyball took down ranked Sully Buttes in four sets last night..

(25-13) (25-16) (23-25) (25-10)


Enjoy the game tonight...8 hours and 45 minutes...Ay Yi YI!

Football Friday can't come soon enough!

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