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Richard Charging Hawk came on to pitch the last three games for Red Leaf

Charging HAWK's get TUFF as Red Leaf prevails
Jul 6, 2017

By Rich Winter

Really a tremendous effort from the Red Leaf fast pitch softball team over the weekend. Saturday night of the tournament, Red Leaf lost to the Tribe and so, playing through the loser's bracket, somehow, the Red Leaf guys rallied to take the tournament title. 


On Sunday, Red Leaf rallied for an early afternoon win. 

In their game with Hoka Hey, and tied at 4-4 heading into the bottom of the 7th, Loren Good Shield, inserted as a pinch runner scored from third to give Red Leaf a win. 


And then, Red Leaf got serious. 


Pitcher Richard Charging Hawk, White River class of 1985, hadn't been pitching through the early part of the tournament, but as the games reached the elimination stage, big steady got on the mound and started to mow people down. 


Red Leaf got by Crazy Horse.


And then, with Charging Hawk on the mound, they got by The Tribe, the team that had beaten them the night before.


Playing their fourth consecutive game, with Charging Hawk throwing the final three, Red Leaf did the improbable, coming back from the brink to defeat The Tribe in two consecutive outings. 


Little tidbit here but the Panic Button was quite impressed with Richard Charging Hawk Jr. (think that's right). Seems like Charging Hawk played little league last year but he's made the jump to fast-pitch and he's no slouch for a little guy.


Several timely hits as this lefty slaps it around the field. Need someone to square around for a bunt, Jr. has all the tools. This is no 13-year old (ish) playing because his dad is good. This is a kid that has a high baseball IQ and loads of talent. 


With the elder Charging Hawk still bringing the heat, and with a son that appears blessed with the softball genetics of his dad, this Red Leaf team could be a force for years to come.

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