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Senior Carson Powers hauls in a pass during the 2016 Chamberlain football season.
Midwest Cowgirl Photography

Chamberlain seniors looking to make their mark
Aug 14, 2017

By Riggs Priebe,
As the Chamberlain football team gathered on the early morning of Aug. 7 for the first day of practice under the direction of new head coach Dan Olsen, a lot of nervous faces stepped in wondering what exactly Coach Olson was going to be like and what practices would be like. 
It didn't take long for Olsen to make a first impression with a lot more running than we've done in the past. The first week of practice flew by and by late in the week I think we were all getting a better understanding of the new offense and defense. 

The freshman, after getting their first dose of high school football settled in and everyone started to get used to the daily grind of a hard football practice. 

Still feels kind of odd that we are practicing already and our bye week comes right out of the gate. I think a lot of us feel like that extra preparation will help with what looks to be an incredibly tough opener with a Canton squad that will have played a game before they see us. 

The team will look to be led by their seniors, Jett Evans, Carson Powers, Marc Schwenk and myself.

It's been a good week of practice and we will be ready for our first game in a couple weeks.
Panic Button note: This is the first blog authored by Chamberlain senior Riggs Priebe. Am looking for other students from around the state of South Dakota that would like to get some hands on experience doing some light reporting for their local high schools.
If interested drop me an email to richwinter85@gmail.com or give me a buzz at 801-448-1279. 

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