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Stanley County vs. Chamberlain to be webcast at www.liveticket.tv

Chamberlain and Stanley County CLASH on Tuesday's TICKET
Aug 28, 2017

By Rich Winter

Nice little volleyball matchup going down up in Ft. Pierre on Tuesday as 1-0 Chamberlain travels to Stanley County for a matchup against 1-1 Stanley County.


Interesting matchup here for Stanley County coach Dani Leafgreen and the girls who lost to Wall to open their season but slipped by Bennett County in tournament action last Saturday. 


L Vs. Wall - (16-25) (25-16) (22-25) (16-25)

W vs. Bennett County - (25-20) (25-20) (25-20)


Now, Amy Donovan's Chamberlain Cubs come into the match having played well in knocking off MOPO (25-22) (23-25) (27-25) (25-21). Let's remember MOPO was in the state tournament a year ago so a young Chamberlain team might be starting to grow up. 


Big match on Tuesday...Still early season, teams trying to get on a roll and Miller Coach Linda DeBoer said both of these clubs are going to be improved this season. 


If ya can't make the game in person you can find it three places:

* www.liveticket.tv (You can click on Chambelain or Stanley County from the banner on the left and get to the game that way...


* http://cubsnation.live


* http://gobuffslive.com

Game time says the girls get after it at 8:00 p.m.


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