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Isaac Hawk with the run of the night in Chamberlain's win over

Chamberlain's Lester Thompson Jr. Video submission of the WEEK - Check out the wicked run from Isaac Hawk
Sep 2, 2017

By Rich Winter

Alright, so every Saturday morning it's a bit of a conundrum to figure out where to start. There were so many games on liveticket.tv and so many great games and performances with a lot of youngsters to talk about...


Seriously, where do ya start?

Ok, so scrolling down my Facebook page this morning I happened across a post from my pal up in Chamberlain Isaac Hawk. Well, actually, the video came from Lester Thompson Jr.'s post.


Now, I've always liked Hawk. Built low to the ground, this 5-8, 205 wrecking ball broke about 11 tackles on the way to the end-zone against a very young St. Francis squad. 


The first time I watched it I saw just a great effort form Hawk.

The second-time I watched it, I noticed the blocking down field.

Check out the blocks from No. 12 Jake Mutzinger and No. 58, Remington Rossow.

The third time I watched it I saw big ole Nash Hutmacher joining in the ruckus and pushing Hawk and the rest of the pile into the end-zone for the score.


Sometimes there is a lot more going on that just the score itself. After a tough loss to Canton, which I think is a good loss for Chamberlain, the Cubs came to play last night, again, against a young St. Francis team. You start seeing things like guys blocking downfield for one another, and you see things like a 305 lb. offensive lineman staying with the play until the very end, and then making a play...I like it!


And so, Lester Thompson Jr., you have submitted this week's Video of the week. 


As we roll through the season, if you have a video you would like to share, shout out to me on Facebook or send me an email to richwinter85@gmail.com


Cash prizes coming soon!

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