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Chamberlain's Ella Byers, fresh off a tough triple in Sturgis, along with her teammates, head to Howard Wood this weekend

Chamberlain's Ella Byers - The Interview - Video
May 1, 2017

By Rich Winter

Early on in my blogging career I wrote quite a few articles about Chamberlain's Ella Byers. Some of them were received pretty well, but, I think since I really didn't get out of my own box and look for other stories, and other Chamberlain girls to feature.


So, with Chamberlain, and with everyone else I write about, I try to mix in a little of everyone and talk about the good, the not-so-good and the little improvements that make track so special.


That said, I've really been wanting to meet Ella Byers and ask her face-to-face how hard it was to be injured during the 2016 outdoor track season. 


So, I asked her...see interview!

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