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The Winner/Colome LEGION team plays tonight in the first round of the State B Legion tourney

Can the FARM-KIDS from Winner/Colome ger er done
Jul 21, 2017

By Rich Winter

I think maybe its a blessing in disguise that it rained across south central South Dakota this morning. Not only did we get some much needed rain but there should be no excuse for the corn-fed, farm kids from Winner/Colome to gather together for a run an another state championship. Ain't no hay to be put up today...ain't no combining or farming going on and if there is fence to be fixed, that can be done by tonight. 


Gotta admit this morning, I had the thought of wondering how tough it is for Drew Weber to put the same guys on the field throughout the legion season? How many phone calls did he have to make on game day to check on who was haying, who was cutting wheat, who was at a rodeo, who was on a family vacation?


Somehow I gotta figure rain or no rain, the guys from Winner/Colome cleared their calendars to get ready for this one. 


One thing that's sorta reverberated around at least the high school team was the absence of someone filling the shoes of Reed Harter. Heard from more than a few people about just how tuff this kid is on the baseball field. If a play needed to be made, he made it. Big hit, young man delivers. 


Been kind of an interesting off-season for Harter who suffered an injury early in the season but worked his way back and was playing amateur ball the other night with his mom (She's a hoot) killing it on the mic.


Well, Harter is back and for me, great players that are great teammates make everyone around them better. Harter, at short, gives Winner a defensive presence that can make tough plays and get outs. 


In the end its going to come down to pitching?


Who gets the call today vs. McCook Central/Montrose, how many innings do they go? Do you look ahead at the bracket and try to save a horse for the 'next' team? 


Lotta managerial duties for Drew Weber to contend with.


Home cooking, sleep in their own beds, multiple state titles under their belts and hungry for one more to cap off a great year from 2/3 of the Highway 18 coffin corner of South Dakota. 


I like it!


Tonight's game will be webcast from immaculate Leahy Bowl on winnerwarriorslive.com



Note...That was one hell of a rain last night. Hope the swath of the storm was wide enough to get a lot of people. Kinda tuff out there right now with no grass, no hay and hay prices going berserk. 


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