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The Hot Springs Medley relay team will be looking to make finals at state track meet

Can an OLD HORSE lead the Hot Springs Bison to the medley relay promised land
May 23, 2017

By Rich Winter

Caught up to a few of the results from the recently contested Region 8A field and track championships. Kind of an interesting meet that moved locations, cold/snow and had a lot of people that have already pre-qualified sitting the meet out to stay healthy.


For me, one of the really interesting results was the boys Medley Relay. Hot Springs, not having run the event (Strong) yet this year put the foursome of seniors: Zane Henderson, Riley Simmons, Nile Frasier and Tristian Old Horse together and the guys turned up the heat, winning the event, breaking the state qualifying standard and setting up a real run at placing high at this week's state track meet. 


Old Horse split 2:02 in the Region meet to hold off a good anchor from Custer anchor, Joe Rush with a time of 3:45

Boys 1600 Sprint Medley
 Meet Record: R 3:36.95  2013        Custer                                    
                         Martinz, Thomsen, Glazier, Witt                   
                3:47.98  FAT
    School                                         Finals                        Points
  1 Hot Springs                                   3:45.21 FAT               10   
     1) Henderson, Zion 12              2) Simmons, Riley 12              
     3) Frasier, Nile 12                4) Old Horse, Tristian 12         
  2 Custer                                        3:46.38 FAT                8   
     1) Hernandez, Daniel 11            2) Block, Logan 11                
     3) Mines, Levi 10                  4) Rush, Joe 11      

For me that's a really interesting result. Cold, crappy day, towards the end of a long day of track and the Hot Springs guys got after it.


Better weather, competitive field, all seniors, I like the Bison's chances.


That said, Hot Springs finds themselves in a realy tuff heat at the state meet. 

Heat 4  Prelims
  1  Bennett County                                       4:02.90 
  2  Milbank Area                                         3:55.10 
  3  Webster Area                                         3:44.90 
  4  Tea Area                                             3:40.40 
  5  Hill City                                            3:40.70 
  6  Hot Springs                                          3:44.90 
  7  Groton Area                                          3:55.40 
  8  Wagner                                               4:09.10 

The middle of this fourth of four sections at the state meet is loaded with teams from Tea Area and Hill City leading the way. 

Each heat winner advances to the finals and then only the next four-fastest qualifiers, so, the Bison will have to run well, but are more than capable. 


Black Hills Conference could be well represented in the finals of this event as very stong teams from Hill City, Hot Springs, St. Thomas More and Custer should all make a push for the finals. 


Bison just missed getting their 4 x 800 squad in but the 4 x 100 and 4 x 200 squads both made it and the 4 x 200 squad also looks like they have a tuff heat but could be a potential finals candidate. 


Old Horse and I are Facebook friends, have been for a few years. Young man has improved a lot this senior track season and is getting ready to take his running talents to Chadron State.


Good luck Bison

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