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Wakpala's Rhaecine Sam will be looking to podium at the Class B cross-country meet in October

Can a kid from WAKPALA make some NOISE in Class B cross
Aug 9, 2017

By Rich Winter

Scrolling around the Class B state cross-country results from 2016 and trying to get a feel for what's coming back...Whoa, the top of that field looks loaded as the top four guys from a year ago, all return with three of them being seniors. 

1. Daniel Burkhalter - Bison

2. Kray Person - Burke/South Central

3. Aaron Voigt - Gregory

4. Levi Vanden Bos - RC Christian (who will be a junior this season)


After that, we shall see but the top of that field should be explosive and am looking forward to the weekly battles between Person and Voigt as they hail from just a few miles apart.


Couple of kids that catch my attention on that list are looking to get after it and move up on the podium or make a podium appearance for the first time. 


Wakpala's - Rhaecine Sam, a junior that finished 28th a year ago. 


First question is where in the heck is Wakpala? It's gotta be over by Manderson or Wanblee or something, right?


Nope - Wakpala is an unincorporated community in Corson County, South Dakota, United States, on the west side of the Missouri River, north-northwest of Mobridge. Although not tracked by the Census Bureau, Wakpala has been assigned the ZIP code of 57658. Wikipedia


Well, thank you Wikipedia, I get it. 

Sam was about six seconds from finishing in the top-25 last season and should make the jump to getting a medal at the state meet. 


Dupree's - Ethan Eagle Chasing - Have been following this young man for a few seasons and he'll be a junior this season. He finished 21st at the South Dakota state meet a year ago a couple spots ahead of former Lower Brule standout, Iren Grassrope. Another talented young runner who, if he puts in the work, should be making a push for the top-10 in Class B. 


Timber Lake's - Beau DuBray - Young guy finished 18th at the state meet a year ago and was about 26 seconds away from cracking the top-10. What intrigues me about this guy is he was just a freshman last year when he ran that 18:19 at the state meet. Freshman who do that well have a way of climbing the ladder with a lot of improvement during their sophomore campagin. If he's in shape in October I'm expecting him to be running with the big boys and certainly pushing the top-10 or higher. 


Good luck to all the cross-country runners in South Dakota as practices and meets are just about ready to begin. 

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