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If Iona cowboys Myles Kenzy has recovered from a broken hand, he could be a force at the upcoming national finals.

Can Iona COWBOY Myles Kenzy make it back for National Finals Rodeo
Jul 13, 2017

By Rich Winter

So, the other day I'm getting ready to go into the Todd County gym to work out and I said hello to a fella that's been working on the outside of the building (in sweltering heat) for the last few weeks. Told me his name was Blasius and I asked if he had any kids in the Gregory athletic program.


His son, as it turns out is Gregory Cowboy, Steffen Blasius, who will be competing in the National High School Rodeo finals that are coming up here very shortly.


Of note, Blasius mentioned a cousin, Kenzy Myles from Iona South Dakota who is slated to 'possibly' participate in these upcoming National Finals. 


Blasius lit up the South Dakota rodeo circuit earlier this year with some brilliant performances at the state finals.

Reined Cow horse - 1st

Tiedown - 2nd

Boys cutting - 1st


But, Myles ran into a bit of a problem following the state finals. Young man broke his hand as the Panic Button was visiting with Mr. Blasius, Myles was scheduled to meet with a Dr. to determine if the cast was coming off and if he'd be allowed to participate in the national finals. 


Somehow, I think he'll get there...

Good luck to all the rodeo participants and if you have pictures and or stories about some of these young athletes, send me an email to richwinter85@gmail.com....

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