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Avon's Jacob Cihak has 526 rushing yards in his last two games

Can Anyone slow down Avon's Jacob Cihak
Sep 2, 2017

By Rich Winter

After opening the season with 28 yards rushing and a TD during a 50-22 loss to Corsica/Stickney, Avon's Jacob Cihak has simply been untouchable. 


Game two (Last week) - 

72-36 win over Alcester/Hudson - 

Jacob Cihak: 19 carrries, 279 yards - 6 TD's, 4 catches 36 yards, seven tackles and an interception.


Game three: 59-12 over TD/A/AC/DC

247 yards, 5 TD's

80 yards kick return


Season stats:

Rushing 564 yards, 12 TD's

Last two games:

526 yards, 11 TD's.


The Pirates are 2-1 on the season heading into Friday's home game with Gayville-Volin


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