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The CEB archery trip is fundraising in order to reach the World Tournament.

CEB's OHITIKA Archers LOOKING for assistance to get to WORLD Tournament
Jun 21, 2017

By Rich Winter

Really great cause right now going on up on the Cheyenne River Reservation as a group of young archers and their advisors are seeking some monetary donations to get to the World Archery tournament. 


Couple things I really like about this...

1. I like the CEB community investing in something like archery. Gives the kids something to do but also gives them something to do that keeps them connected to their ancestry as the press release below describes.


2. This is not a one time thing: The Archers went to the national tournament a year ago and they are going back to the prestigious event again this year. Several youth did very well on the big stage last year and this is a terrific opportunity for the youth to do something but to also show a national audience folks from a different part of the world...Nice balance of cultural learning on a lot of different levels as the archers will be traveling to Orlando. 


So, take a look at the press release of information for this group. Check out the STATE CHAMPIONS work from this year and read about how they've been keeping their grades up and working hard to improve their craft.


Information on how to assist with the fund-raising project is included at the bottom of the press-release. 


Press release: 

What was once a way of life and a means of survival for the Native American people has come back again. In recent years, archery has become another great hobby on the Cheyenne River Reservation; it has been a long time coming.


For the third consecutive year, the Cheyenne-Eagle Butte Ohitika (Brave) Archery Team has remained the National Archery in School Program (NASP) State Bullseye Champions
for South Dakota. This year they also defended their State NASP title in the IBO/3D Target Competition, making them contenders at a National level in this growing sport.

We are very proud of our archery team for showing interest in and carrying on an element of our culture. Over the past few years, we have watched the Ohitika Archers show great improvements that have allowed them to qualify and succeed at the various local, state and national tournaments.


On May 12 th 2017, the Ohitika Archers traveled to the National (NASP) Archery Tournament in Louisville, Kentucky. The team’s State scores qualified them in both the Bullseye and IBO/3D Target competitions.


Making a National appearance was always a dream for these kids, and now it is a great accomplishment for the young talented archers who dedicate a lot of their time to Archery.


These elementary students worked meticulously on their archery skills along with maintaining their high academic standings
in school, which enables them to participate in the NASP program. With their determination and commitment to archery, the Ohitika Archers were able to grasp a 2017 World Tournament position in the IBO/3D Target Competition, which will be held in Orlando, Florida on July 21-22, 2017.

However, in order for the Ohitika Archers to get to the World Tournament, they will need to fundraise for all of their expenses.

Therefore, we would like to ask you for a
monetary contribution to support the hard working dreamers who continuously reach for the stars and strive for excellence.
The Archery Team has a fundraising checking account set up at the following bank: 

The State Bank of Eagle Butte, 124 Main Street, Eagle Butte, SD, 57625.

The name on the account is 2017 Cheyenne-Eagle Butte Ohitika Archery, which is who the monetary donations can be made to or sent directly to the bank.

For more information, please contact: Cheyenne-Eagle Butte School Coach, Allen Benoist (605)200-0270

Coach Assistant, Alissa Benoist at (605)200-0100

We humbly and greatly appreciate your support!

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