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The Down Under Bowl is not what its promised to be...Buyer Beware

Buyer beware when the Down Under OFFER comes
Jun 27, 2017

By Rich Winter - Panic Button unplugged

Well, the Down Under Bowl popped up on my periphery this week and I just can't keep my mouth shut regarding what I think is a creative way to exploit people who get all excited when they get this letter suggesting their child has been 'selected' to participate in the Down Under Bowl.


Let's get one thing straight, the organizers of this event aren't selecting anyone, they are sending out mass mailings to millions of athletes across the United States in hopes that a few of them will 'bite' and spend an enormous amount of money to get their child to this 'Once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity'


For me, everything about this 'opportunity' just screams scam!

From the website - The Down Under Bowl was inaugurated in 1989 and was established to promote gridiron to the people of New Zealand and Australia.

1. This event isn't working on promoting football skills of an American athlete, it's used to work on the football skills of the athletes from Australia and New Zealand. 


They promise attention from world class coaches that will help these athletes get into good colleges...

The coaches this year are: 

1. Paul Peterson - Head coach Snow  Community College in Utah.

2. The secondary coach/special teams coordinator from Southern Virginia University.

While fine men I'm sure, hardly the kinds of coaches that are going to give a kid from a small school in South Dakota an opportunity, and a small one, at small universities. 


Read the literature about the cost of the event...

COST: $295 per person - Whoa...only 250 bucks?

DATES: 27 June – 2 July 2017


  • Uniform – 2 Game Day  Jerseys ( Home and away) + 1 Game pants (to be picked up at first practice)
  • 1 participation medal
  • 3  Practices with the USA High School All Star Team
    • Practice 1: Tuesday 27 June 2017 from 2pm-5pm
    • Practice 2: Wednesday 28 June 2017 from 2pm-5pm
    • Practice 3: Saturday 1 July 2017 from 8am-11am
  • Football Clinic with the USA College Football Coaches – Paul Peterson (Head Coach Snow Community College Utah) & Michael Rigell (Secondary Coach/Special Teams Coordinatoor Southern Virginia University)
    • Friday 30 June 2017 from 9am-11am
  • 2 Games of Football playing with Visiting USA High School All Star Team
    • Game 1: Thursday 29 June 2017 – Game Time and Gold Coast Field – TBA
    • Game 2: Sunday 2 July 2017 – Game Time and Gold Coast Field – TBA
  • Tournament Farewell Ceremony Banquet
    • Sunday 2 July 2017

* Dates, itinerary and inclusions are subject to change
* Price does not include airfares, transfers or accommodation
* Please note: These packages are for Australian and New Zealand Players and Coaches ONLY
All Athletes need to bring their own pads (shoulder,  knee, elbow, hip, thigh, tailbone or girdle) and helmet

Of  course you could select the Deluxe Package: 

COST: $1330 per person
DATES: 26 June – 3 Jul 2017


They want you to get the deluxe package but they hide the price so you have to be pretty invested to get that far....Don't like that they don't show the truse cost of what this is going to run a family...

10-grand laying aroud anyone? Buehler?


Think about it for a second: For 10-grand you could send your kid to every football camp under the sun in South Dakota/Nebraska/North Dakota and Minnesota and Iowa.


Last I checked there are a bunch of colleges and college coaches in the upper midwest that would take a chance on a kid from the Dakota if they just had a chance to see them workout...IN THE United States. 


The Down Under Bowl is an expensive vacation...

If your interested in sending your child on the trip of a lifetime where they get to go to Hawaii and New Zealand or Australia, fantastic, put up the 10-grand and send them off to enjoy something not many of us get the chance to go to school.


If you want your child to get to college via an athletic scholarship....Get in the gym with them, run with them and get them in front of coaches, close-to-home, that can actually get them where you/they want to get.


Panic Button out...

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