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Stanley County junior Brady Hoftiezer had a heck of a first game against MVP

Brady Hoftiezer is Panic Button's Defensive Player of the Game
Aug 18, 2017

By Rich Winter

Late in that fourth quarter with Stanley County sorta nursing a 30-20 lead over MVP, Brady Hoftiezer came up with a gigantic play. MVP with a 3rd-and-five handed the ball to super sophomore, Jesse Hastings. 


Stanley County junior, Brady Hoftiezer burst through the line, made a solo tackle behind the line forcing 4th-and-ten. On the very next play, MVP was stopped short of the first down by about a yard and that was all she wrote as Stanley County defeated MVP, 30-20 to earn thir first win of the season. 


Earlier in the game with Stanley County nursing a 7-6 lead, Hoftiezer recorded a sack for a safety.


For his efforts, HOF is the Panic Button's defensive playa of the game. 

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