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Jayd Vanderwerff

Better Eat Your Wheaties!
Jan 8, 2018

As I’m observing some Facebook posts and reading basketball scores from the Mitchell Daily Republic, I noticed something that should be talked about, Jayd Vanderwerff from Gregory.  Mr. Vanderwerff scored 22 I believe Saturday night against Winner.  I have not confirmed it, but he either surpassed the 1000 point in a career mark during this game or in a previous game.  Regardless, it is quite a feat when you look at the total picture of this young man.

Jayd has had a small school dream career in all sports.  Heck, he’s had a big school career as far as that goes. I first saw the pure athletic ability of Jayd while he threw the softball at State Hershey numerous years ago. He then went on and became a national champion in this event in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  He had just started making a name for himself.  

I’m sure if you asked around, somewhere Jayd and the Red machine of Gregory football started out by backyard “two hand touch” games.  Was he pretending to be one of the Gregory greats like Michael Vskrna? Was there enough Platte Black Panther blood in him to be pretending to be his Dad? The trash talking of playing with Platte cousins on Thanksgiving would rival the Oklahoma-Nebraska days of past.  Only a handful of people would know, but this kid did it right.   He would go on to be a three time all state football player.  He was selected to the 2017 Elite 45.  That’s his football career in short.  His stat line would take a couple pages.  

Basketball, he has had a very good career.  He has been voted all tourney the last time they made state tourney.  He passed the 1000 point recently, but would have much sooner if it weren’t for an injury his junior year that sidelined him for most season.  Track and Baseball have been another couple sports and I would venture he can pick up a set of clubs and golf with anyone.  Rumor is he is one of the better hunting guides around also.  His best attribute maybe being a big brother and mentoring his sisters in sports and God.

Mr. Vanderwerff is off to play college football at SDSU this fall.  After seeing the dreaded green team from the north win again this weekend, its exciting to see a small-town kid go after his dream.  Whether he’s wearing blue or red, (looks best in that blue), we need these kids to be able to stay close to home and rep their state.  Someday, the blue machine will knock that green machine off the mountain.  I hope to see Mr. Vanderwerff be a part of that.    

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