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The Sicangu Thunder Hawks are starting to make some NOIZE

Berrerra and Iron Shell are Sicangu Thunder Hawks PLAYA of the week
May 3, 2017

Had a nice message forwarded to me about some of the success of some off-the-radar athletes doing some great things.


Two pictures associated with this piece are the feature photo of Philip Berrerra: at trick this weekend vs. Gillette Wyoming bulldogs. Sicangu thunderhawks combined with 7 flames all native lacrosse programs this past weekend!! Phillip is player of the week for the thunderhawks lacrosse prgram with a combined 26 goals this season!!! 8 hat tricks!!!!! Pretty awesome man!!!


Josh Iron Shell Jr. - Josh iron shell jr. with a varsity hat trick vs. the rapid city shock!! This young man can play anywhere on the field, we are trying to talk him to playing goalie as we speak!!!


Love, love seeing this kind of stuff....Summer sports are upon us, if you have any baseball or rodeo photos and or stories, or big bass pictures, I'd love to share them...


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