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Former Groton QB Bennet Shabazz helped Groton make an unexpected run to the STATE B Legion tourney

Bennett Shabazz - Northern State is getting a hell of a slot receiver
Jul 23, 2017

By Rich Winter

Excited to see former Groton QB, Bennett Shabazz play baseball yesterday. Missed most of the game, but listened to it on www.liveticket.tv as I was driving over from Mission to Winner and despite his Groton team dropping the contest, Shabazz was ripping the cover off the ball and doing the kind of damage he's done during a great career at Groton. 


Having not seen much of the game it took just one play to tell me all I needed to know about a kid that looks to have a very bright future at Northern State University. 


Late in that game with Groton trailing and Platte/Geddes threatening with the bases loaded, Shabazz took a deep fly to center, caught the Platte-Geddes player napping, fired a shot to second and forced an out that helped Groton get out of what could have been a big inning.


Caught up with Shabazz just after the game and visited a bit about his future. After playing QB for a Groton team that reached the 11B final, Shabazz will be taking his talents to the slot wide-receiver position for Northern State.


I like it...


This guy was shifty, quick and a real leader for the Groton football team. He talked a bit about the 44 new recruits that are coming in as frosh for Northern State, and belive he and Gregory's Robert Vomacka will soon be acquainted as part of what looks like a talented class for the Wolves. 




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