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The Marshall family celebrating another trip to the Big Dance in Aberdeen

Behind every great coach is a great coaches wife
Mar 15, 2017

By Rich Winter

As the White River Tigers head east today for their annual sojurn to Aberdeen, I can't help but wonder exactly what's going through Marc Marshall's mind? Marc Marshall, huh?


It's interesting when you think about the success of the White River program that you think about Coach Eldeon Marshall and the litany of great players that have come through the program that you don't often think about Marc Marshall. Yeah, ya see her floating around with the camera and come crunch time, Queen B will be there in the front row.


I've paid a little more attention to some of the White River social media this year and I lost count the number of times I heard someone refer to Marc as Momma Marc. That's interesting to me because ya don't just get titles like that, you earn them. 


Can't help but think of legendary Todd County Volleyball coach, Galen Busch in this moment. Busch just lifted that volleyball program and, like White River, you see banners littered all over the wall of the TCHS gym. After Mr. Busch's untimely passing a few years ago, so many people came forward and shared stories of Mr. Busch, and I was a tad taken aback by the number of people that remembered the contributions of Patti Busch.


From every tournament from here to high heaven, there was Patti in the front row. Coulda been Sioux Falls Washington, Brookings, Bennett County, Groton, Rapid City Stevens, there sat Patti. So many people commented on the baked goods offered and the encouraging words after a tough loss offered up by the coach's wife. 


While I'm not privy to the Marc Marshall baked goods prowess, I look up and down that White River program and in her way, Marc has an impact on the youth. 


It could be pictures of an elementary game, junior high game, AAU game, freshman game, jv game, varsity game. Like Busch, Mrs. Marshall is always there, always offering support and after watching her ball out on an old high school video yesterday, imparting words of wisdom. 


Dead of summer, she's there!

Dead of winter, no problem!

Scoreboard operator - Ok

Clock - If necessary

Scorekeeper - Why not


Sometimes I think we forget about the contributions of others because they aren't the head coach. Seems like successful programs have strong leaders at the top and stability throughout the organization. It's that stability factor, the little things that don't show up in the paper, or a blog that we all kind of take for granted.


White River players don't take it for granted...If the Chips are down they know that Momma Marc will be there and it's all gonna be good.


Good Luck White River...Pulling for you guys....go do some damage!





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