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The Burke 18-under squad advanced to the state finals with a 13-12 EXTRA innnings win in the semis
Shannyn Schweigert

BUZZARD says BALL GODS with Burke Royals as TEAMS reach state finals
Jul 16, 2017

By Rich Winter

After hearing about Dakota Valley blanking Winner 12-0 in a Friday night quarterfinal, one had to assume the semi yesterday between DV and the Burke Royals was going to be a doozie. 


Doozie, might be an understatement!


After battling scorching hot temperatues with two equally matched teams, DV and Burke ended the bottom of the second tied at 2-2. 


Billie Jo Indahl takes us through the final stages of Saturday's semi....

"Wow what a game with Dakota Valley!!! We got home team which was key in this game! It ended 7 innings tied 2-2. Which means it goes to a tie breaker rule which starts a runner on 2nd. We held them with no runs! That put our runner now on 2nd and Adisyn Indahl up to bat. She layed down a perfect bunt which advanced our runner to 3rd. This brought our next 2 strong batters so it was looking promising. But Bridget Bartling scored from 3rd on a past ball from the catcher for the 3-2 win!!!!," Indahl said.


The Dakota Valley pitcher gave up six hits and had 11 strike outs. 


Burke pitcher, Madelyn Cason went all eight innings for the Royals, giving up five hits and striking out 16 batters..(HOLAY). 


"So it really was a pitchers dual:) Neither pitcher giving up any walks. Buzzard said the "ball gods" were with us:) They held tough at the end for a stellar win:) We now play tomorrow morning at 9:30. Go Royals," Indahl said. 


Well, the evening was still young and the Burke 18-under squad had yet to play. And perhaps as Buzzard intimated, the Ball Gods were on Burke's side. 


Shannyn Schweigert shared the final late last night as Burke ended up winning, 13-12, and once again doing so in extra innings. 


Both teams are in Sioux Falls today and vying for state championships. 


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