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BSC's TRIPOD holding it together for ONE-MORE-RUN - Region 6B looks LOADED
Sep 26, 2017

By Rich Winter
Wow, I gotta tell ya, Region 6B is getting interesting. All season long I've kinda followed the girls over in AC/DC and with BSC joining LIVETICKET, I've got to see Burke/South-Central live several times. And then, as I'm peeking around volleyball results this weekend, I see that Kimball/White-Lake beats BSC (25-23) (25-19) in the championship game of the KWL tourney.
Suddenly, it is getting crowded on top of that 6B race.
Current Region 6B standings: 
Avon  40.577-7
Gregory40.40 8-7
Those are three solid squads on top and they are going to be doing some seriously heavy lifting against one another in the coming weeks. 
* KWL has some TUFF games coming up. Seeing Hanson and then Miller on the radar. * Oct 16 - ACDC in White Lake vs. KWL
* Oct. 10 - Burke-South/Central at ACDC - Yes please?
It is going to be hella interesting down the stretch in this region. And that's just the regular season....Tourney time, and then the new Sweet-16 format, well, volleyball in Class B is about to be off the hook for the next month or so. 
Caught up with BSC coach Billie Jo Indahl over the weekend. She shared a few thoughts and a cool story about her team. 
Ryahna Schweigert, Santanya Matucha and Teah Serr are our three Senior back row players we like to call our tripod since they were freshman:) - 
Coach Indahl toughts!

Bobbi Jo Wischmann is a very athletic freshman player who got a lot of playing time for us last season as a utility hitter. She has evolved this season into our setter and doing a nice job considering it's her first year in the role and being young. The more she plays, the more developed and experienced she will get. She will continue getting better as the season rolls on. She has been getting a lot of assists as we have some great hitters to put the ball down.
Taylee Indahl had 19 kills in that match and 160 on the season and Lahna Matucha with 14 and 119 on the season. These two hitters have been leading our offensive attack this season.
Tressa Bull has been our leading blocker. We do a lot of double blocking in our front row including Shawntel Sharpfish and Brecken Bartling.
Our three senior back row players, the tripod as we like to call them, do a great job of getting the ball to our setter to set up those offensive attacks.
The Arlington Tournament was a competitive tournament in which all the teams there were good. Playing teams like Warner and the others only makes us better. Picking up on those quicker systems increases our level of play. The Arlington match was the last match of the day after playing 2 hard matches in a row so this made 3 in row. We were definitely tired in this match.
It was very close in each set and just fell short and couldn't finish so that was a tough loss. We need to see teams like these to make us better.
Our team continues to work hard with one main goal in mind with each match we play. We have fallen short the last three years of getting to the state meet and that is what drives us to work hard all the time. The girls are doing a great job of trying to keep this focus to get to that end result.
Lainee Schonebaum is such a leader on that JV and does a great job all the way around. She is a spark plug that can play anywhere on the court and steps in and does her job when put in the Varsity matches. Sierra Swan and Haley Benter are also getting in on some varsity minutes as a Middle Blocker and Setter. We will keep working hard and making ourselves better as there is always room for improvement. We all have the focus on our main goal and hopefully pays off in the end:)

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