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Winner's Kayleb Brozik ran a lifetime best 400 split to help Winner win the mile relay at Region 7A track meet in Martin

BROZIK - 50 FLAT, Cuz that's what Seniors do
May 19, 2017

A really interesting moment, in fact the last moment, from the Region 7A field and track championships in Martin. Long day of competition in less than ideal weather conditions, with the boys team title clinched long ago, Winner's Kayleb Brozik took the stick about 12 meters down to TC 400 guy, Bryce Hammer, as both were anchoring their respective mile relay teams. 


Long day, Brozik and Hammer had already qualified in three events, both teams were clearly going to advance to state from the event, nothing really to run for....


Unless u were Kayleb Brozik!!


All day long, times were slow with everyone running well under their personal bests, just trying to slog through the day and not get injured. Lotta folks held back a bit, and rightfully so, as the big prize is next weekend's state track meet.


About two weeks ago, Brozik ran the open 400 at Howard Wood and came home struggling a bit, coming home with a high 53 in his heat.


So, on Thursday, long day, windy, cold and raining, Brozik took that stick, as noted, about 12 meters down on Hammer, the freshman who has been running low 52's all season, and, who earlier in the day ran a low 53 to finish 2nd in the 400 meters.


Don't know what it way, maybe it was the TC uniform in front of him, but Brozik floored it, and caught up to, and passed Hammer about 200 meters into their anchor carry.


So authoritative were the first 200 of his anchor carry, that we, everyone still watching, surely thought Brozik would run out of gas.


Nope, he just kept coming and crossed the line about ten meters in front of TC. 


50-FLAT....end of a long crappy day, with nothing really to run for and the Winner senior ran a lifetime best split in the 400.


CUZ that's what SENIORS do...


Certainly makes for intriguing thought possibilities as Brozik gears up for a run at 800 supremacy at the state meet next Friday. 





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