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Sep 26, 2017

By Rich Winter

Alright so sometimes these stories come about in interesting ways. Former Falcon Kasey Abbott and I have been chatting a bit on Facebook as of late and he's pretty fired up about the exploits of Todd County junior RB, Mark Rogers. 


Well, a few weeks back, Abbott noted that a few people, self included, said that Rogers had broken his single-game rushing record for Todd County. Abbott noted that he would have to go through some old Todd County Tribune's and dig out the final stats for what would have been the 1976 season. 


Well, there it is, Abbott rushed for 321 yards in a single game in 1976. 


That said, Abbott has been extremely complimentary of Rogers. Abbott told me he visited with Mark's dad at the homecoming game and every week, as Mark posts huge numbers, Abbott, like the rest of us are just in awe. 


That single game record might be safe for now, but that season record - 1255, that is about to go bye-bye. 


Rogers is the leading rusher in the state of South Dakota

1st - Rogers 1096 yards 9 TD's

2nd - Daymein Lucas - Sioux Valley 1034 yards 13 TD's


So, one of my guilty pleasures having worked at the Todd County Tribune all these years is that every now and then I get to look through the old archives. I've seen some of you my age when you were kids: Brian Dillon, Dani Walking Eagle to name a few. 


It was interesting as I looked at the newsclipping Abbott sent met that one of the records was held by Beaver Scott. Am I reading that right? Beaver Scott had 375 kick return yards in a game for Todd County...Who has almost 400 yards of kick returns?


Don't know Mr. Scott real well, but his TUFFness on the rodeo circuit is legendary. So, I'm not shocked that he must have been one hell of a kick returner also!

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