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B/E/E's Cole Gassman is one TUFF customer

B/E/E's Cole Gassman is worth the price of admission
Jul 26, 2017

By Rich Winter

It's always kind of fun for me to sit up in the announcer's booth and hear some of the behind-the-scenes stories floating around. Looked up at former Castlewood prep, Doug Ruesink as he put on his umpires gear and would not want to tangle with 'that guy'. Was pleased to meet former Geddes star, Mike Carda....Even heard word from Carda that he's got a copy of the Geddes vs. Wood game played at the Dakota Dome from around 1982.


Wanna see that!


At any rate, some of the buzz going around the tournament focused on Bridgewater/Ethan/Emery guy, Cole Gassman. I think people from Winner remember this kid from the 11B semi-final where B/E/E stood toe to toe for the first half against one of the best 11 B teams ever assembled. Gassman was just a tuff customer in that game, and he showed nothing less during a terrific run for Gassmen and Post 140 from Minor/McCook. 


Gritty guy that threw a gem in the consolation round to help M & M beat Dell Rapids and stay alive for an elimination game with Spearfish on Sunday. Really like how coach Marshall Miller's guys fought the whole tournament. Lost to Winner 5-3 in the first round but came back and made the final-4. Big time rain delay on Sunday and while Miller's guys were down 11-2 pre-storm they seemed loose as a goose and even entertained those in the press box with a little impromtu football/baseball game in the rain. 


After thre rain, McCook/Minor rallied for five runs to make it close, but in the end, a good Spearfish team eliminated this curious team made up of kids from seven different towns. 


One play from Gassman really just sums up what a special competitor this guy is. Fly-ball hit to left, and it looks like the ball might stay in...Gassman, showing no regards for his body slammed into the fence but didn't catch the ball. 


Gassman barely even flinched as he trotted back to left-field. The fence wasn't so lucky, it has a permanent bow in it where the 170 lb. running-back dynamo nearly ran through.


Excited to see this young man of the football field here in a couple of weeks. 


No quit in Howard's Kalub Carmichael: 

Spent a lot of time at the State Legion tournament kinda hanging over the fence and taking a few photos. Could not help but notice the scar on Minor/McCook's Kalub Carmichael's left elbow. 


Deep ole scar and so had to ask him about it during the rain delay. Seems this guy has had the elbow operated on 5-7 times (can't remember) in response to a mole that doctors wanted to removed.


If memory serves, seems like his most recent surgery would have been March.


And yet, he just keeps playing!


Young man told me he plays golf, basketball and baseball for his Howard Tigers and he's getting ready for his senior season. 

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