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'Spirit of Su' Humanitarians

And sometimes they get it.... PERFECT!
Mar 18, 2019

It was an absoute treat to watch the recepients of the "Spirit of Su" awards presented this weekend.  The honor is awarded based upon Athletic Ability, Sportmanship, Character, and Leadership.  I actually predicted the outcome of the award presentation, prior to being announced.  Once in awhile, it is good to be 'lucky.'  This time ... I didn't need luck.  It was logical.  It was obvious.  And it was the correct decision.  Both are such young humanitarians, who will make the world a better place to live over the course of their lives!


I haven't had a lot of opportunity to visit with Raven but watching her carry herself and how she interacts with others the outcome was gratifying, as an observer from afar.  She is a ferocious competitor.  More importantly she is a young princess role model.


When they announced her, as the winner of the award, she was set to walk back up the steps, around the corridor, and on to the floor.  It took several 'purple badges' to convince her to come directly down the stairs and through the security barriers to receive the award.  She simply just always tries to do it right; no short cuts.


Congratulations, Raven!


Corey Brown I have approached.  It's not easy for an individual to approach a young man with a BIG RED MOHAWK, and because of that many are missing out.  Many this weekend would voice in my presence how imposing he looked with his 'style'.  Not me.  He intrigued me years ago, and I sought him out.  And boy am I glad I did.


It was never stated, but it was implied in our conversation and his actions.  The 'BIG RED MOHAWK' was really not meant to be an imposing object to fear, Corey Brown, as a person.  I believe it was meant to draw the attention to him, so that his teammates could just go play 'ball' and be themselves.  You see,  his shoulders are BROAD enough and STRONG enough, to carry the weight of all the eyes of South Dakota, when the Pine Ridge Thorpes arrive to play basketball.  He drew the scrutinizing looks, so his teammates could relax and perform.  AND BOY DID THEY PERFORM!


Had you taken the time to seek him out, you would have discovered a polite young teenage boy.  Almost quiet at first, but then that smile!  Not only did he have those shoulders for carrying the weight of the world on; he has the PSYCHE and SOUL you want our future leaders to possess!


Many did not see this, but I did.  Corey snuck his teammates past the 'Purple Badges' after their game and they all sat and cheered for the Winner Lady Warriors, during their Championship game.  That's right!  A Region 7 foe, during the Regular Season, standing side by side with his past competitors in the Play-Offs.  Furthermore, he took the opportunity to lead the Winner High School student section in the wave.  Enjoying the moment and the opportunity to unite!  After this the 'purple badges' recognized the BIG RED MOHAWK and his team and removed them from the section...  a move that I think is totally wrong, when you see humanitarians at work.  A later blog I am sure...


Congratulations, Corey!

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