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All Todd County and St. Francis home football and volleyball matches will be webcast (shown on the internet) this season.

ALL Todd County and St. Francis home games to be webcast this season
Aug 15, 2017

By Rich Winter

Not sure if everyone is aware of this but all Todd County and St. Francis home games will be webcast this season. I'm talking all home football games, all home volleyball games.


Couple of sites I want people to check out to help them know where to go to gather the most up-to-date local sports coverage and of course where to tune in to watch those games from the comfort of your own home. 


Alright, so there is this fella over in Winner named Jody Brozik who started Winnerwarriorslive.com a few years back. While all of Winners games, home and away are broadcast there are a number of schools that are doing similar work to what Winner does.


To see a list of those schools you can visit www.liveticket.tv where you will find a home page for all of those schools that include: Colome, Gregory, Lyman, Mt. Vernon/Plankington, Parkston, Platte-Geddes, Stanley County, Rapid City Stevens, Wagner and of course Todd County and St. Francis. 


Couple of new schools will be on that list this fall including Burke/South Central, Miller, Highmore Harold and the Ethan Rustlers.


The www.liveticket.tv is the main link where on Friday nights you can find a football smorgasborg of games to watch.


More specifically for Todd County and St. Francis....The links to your games will be at...

Todd County - www.tcfalcon.live

St. Francis - www.sfwarriorslive.com


This is a large and ever-growing network of schools that are going to be webcasting (on the internet) so family and friends across the state and the country can watch the games.


I think a lot of people are familiar with my panic Button sports blog. While I write about kids from all over the state, the articles that I write about St. Francis and Todd County will be shared to a specific site on Facebook.


Todd County - https://www.facebook.com/TCFalconsLive/

St. Francis - https://www.facebook.com/SF-Warriors-Live-



Or you can just go to your Facebook search menu and type in TC Falcons Live or SF Warriors Live and it will take you directly to the site where you find just St. Francis and Todd County sports blogs.


One of the really cool things about St. Francis and Todd County getting on the liveticket.tv network is the state and national exposure that the local kids will get. 


Have a ton of interest from colleges around the country that love that they can sit in their offices in Arizona or Atlanta and check out athletes across South Dakota they never would have had the opportunity to see.


And people are watching....

At the recently completed South Dakota state amateur baseball tournament the quarterfinal game between Winner/Colome and Garretson was watched by about 16-thousand people.


Still looking for some mini bloggers from Todd County and St. Francis...There is no money involved for those that would ask that question....But, there is a ton of real-life experience to be had in writing and meeting deadlines and just having some fun helping bring exposure to some very small schools in South Dakota.


It's going to be a great year and can't wait for the local sports to get rolling....

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